Things to do in Kuta in the Morning

When the morning has come, we open our eyes and start to live. More special if you wake up in the morning in Kuta, Bali. Kuta has been mentioned hundred times by travelers around the world. It has not been complete if you visit Bali but have not visited Kuta. Travelers like to spend the time by enjoy the sceneries while talking casually with their relatives. There a bunch of things that can make your holiday in Bali pleasing.

Drink Coffee In Good Cafe

After you wake up, you might need hot beverage to start your day. In Kuta, there are a lot of cafes that serve wonderful taste coffee. With the fresh air, you could sip the delicious coffee to make your day more spirited. After coffee time, you can continue your morning culinary experience with having breakfast to recharge your energy from one night fasting.

Have A Morning Jogging

Kuta beach is great arena for jogging in the morning. The tourists might not there yet in the early morning. You could start to jog on 07.00 Am when the air is still fresh and the sun has not been too hot. Besides, the sunlight in that time is good for turning the pre-vitamin D to be vitamin D in your body.

Sunrise Photograph Hunting

This is for you who love photography. With the good camera that you bring, you could capture the golden orange light start to come up from the east. It is not just for photography lovers only; videographer also can record the process of the sunrise. The good cinema can be produced by that great set of the sunrise time and light.

Have A Surfing Course

When you see surfers surf on the sea, you often wonder how it feels to be surfers. In Bali, that is not a wonder. There are many places that provide course to learn how to surf. If you don’t have a surfing board, there are many rentals around the beaches of just tell the instructor so the instructor will lend you one. Don’t be afraid of the waves, in the morning, the waves are still calm. It won’t trouble you. Plus, the instructor will guide and guard you. The course rate starts from IDR 150.000.


Sunbathing is great for your health (as mentioned in point two above). It is also good for your appearance. By sunbathing, you can have exotic tan skin like Beyonce’s. Many people often sunbath their selves in the afternoon. But, actually the better sun light for sunbathing is the morning light. It is because, before 9 am, the light is healthier. After 9 am in the morning, the light contains ultra violet.

Fun Swimming In Water Parks

This place is identical with children playing and children activities. That is right but it doesn’t mean that adults can’t have good times there. Basically, water park is for all age range. Children just so love it and become identical. Kuta has the best water park in Bali. There are two famous water parks in Kuta that already internationally standardized; they are Waterbom Park Kuta and Circus Water Park Kuta. Wtaerbom Park Kuta is known as the best water park in the city. This place has so many water games. For children under 7 years old, there is a water park named ‘Fantastic’ that is safe for your loved ones. The other best water park, Circus Water Park, focuses on the water games. The main game as the star of this place is mini speed racing.

Temple Touring

Visiting temple in the morning is more fun. Your energy is still full and the air is still fresh. There are some temples that are located in Kuta.

  • Uluwatu Temple

It is in Pecatu village, South Kuta Sub District, Badung Regency. At 9 o’clock in the morning Uluwatu can be visited and it ends at 7.30 in the evening. This temple is unique because it stands on the edge of sea. Besides, around the temple area, there are holy monkeys. The monkeys are believed to be the temple guide. To enter this temple you need to pay IDR 10.000. Also, you have to wear sarong.

  • Petitenget Temple

In North Kuta, there is a small beautiful temple named Petitenget temple. It is in Petitenget street, Kerobokan Kelod village, North Kuta sub district, Badung.

  • Ulun Siwi Kayangan Temple

There is Ulun Siwi Kayangan Temple in South Kuta. It is in Uluwatu street, Jimbaran village, Kuta sub district, Badung. One special thing of this place is that opposite of the temple, there is Jimbaran traditional market. After you take a morning walk to the temple, you can shop in Jimbaran traditional market. You can see the Balinese culture reflected by the sellers and the buyers in the market. Also, you can buy authentic Balinese stuffs.

  • Dalem Kahyangan Temple

This is located in number 16, Patih Jelantik Street, Legian village, Kuta sub district, Badung. This temple is guarded by two statues. Those two statues are holding swords that reflected as the guardian that are ready to fight the bad things that come to the temple area. Beside the two guardians, there are still many graved ornaments that surely attract the visitors.

Riding Bicycle

Riding bicycle is a good activity in the morning. This one is considered to be the strong competitor of jogging. But, trough bicycling, you can go further and faster to look around the city. Besides, in the morning, the traffic is not as crowd as afternoon. The best time to ride a bicycle is at 5.30 in the morning. At that time, the students have not gone to the school. The school crowd and the office crowd start at 6.30-7.00. So, you have one and a half hours to ride around the city.

Those are the lists of the good things you can do in the morning at Kuta. ‘Fun’ is not enough to describe those activities because you get the other advantages, they are: the fresh air and the body work out for some activities. When you get home to your country, you get the fresh mind and good health.


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