How far is keramas from Ubud?

How far is Keramas from Ubud? Well, if you are in Bali for quite a while for a holiday, you need to explore the whole part of the island. If you are staying at Ubud it means that you prefer something quieter. Also, you are a great traveler if you know where Keramas is.

Keramas is a village located in Gianyar Regency. So, how far is Keramas from Ubud? You need to drive for about 30 minutes from the tourist center of Ubud. It takes 50 minutes of driving from Ngurah Rai Airport.

Keramas Village is pretty tranquil and quiet. Not many tourists acknowledge this place unless they want to feel the serenity. But, what things can we do in Keramas? In this article, we have some time for you to spend your time in Keramas.

Strolling around the beach

Keramas has black sand beaches along the coastline. The beaches are such as Masceti Beach, Saba Beach, and Keramas Beach. Palm trees stand along the beach and you may find some temples nearby the beaches.

But what is there to do in Keramas Beach? There are so many things you can do in Keramas Beach. You can sunbathe and feel the tranquility during the day or surf around. However, Keramas Beach is not recommended for swimming but you can find a resort with a huge swimming pool facing the beach.


When you are at Keramas, it means that Sukawati Art Market is not far from you. You can get there by car (if you rent one) or other public transportation. Here you can find tons of clothes, handicrafts, Balinese sarongs, decorations, carvings, paintings, temple-related stuff, and so on. 

This market is just like other traditional markets in Bali but it will be fun if you are courteous and patient enough.

Riding a horse

Horse riding would be an activity you would like to do when you are at Keramas. Some vendors offer it along the beach and you can start from Saba Beach and go to the east. Some accommodations near the beach also provide this service.

If your hotel offers this kind of activity, you can go with it because the hotel will make the arrangement. At the end of the day, you can spend a romantic dinner with your loved one. Those are just a few things you can do in Keramas. And this is the end section of “how far is Keramas from Ubud”.

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