Where to Watch Kecak Dance

Where can we watch Kecak Dance? Bali is popular for its traditional dances and one of them is Kecak Dance. Visiting Bali would not be as memorable as if you watch this performance.

Characteristics of Kecak Dance

The most distinctive of this performance is the harmonization between the movements and sounds produced by the dancers. No one conducts them to do so yet they do it all together. But, where can we watch Kecak Dance? There are several places you can head to if you want to watch the performance.

The Story

The performance is started with a lot of topless dancers who wear sarongs and raise their hands in the air altogether while shouting “cak cak cak”. Other dancers would make another sound for the whole show. The dancers sit around a fire pit and the priest will splash the holy water to them. Before the show started, Sang Hyang ritual has been done to open the performance.

Kecak Dance is followed with Ramayana performance. It tells the tale of Rahma, the prince of the Ayodya Kingdom who is exiled by his stepmother to the Dandaka Forest with his wife, Shinta, and child, Truna Laksamana. Rahwana, an evil monster, is in love with Shinta due to her beauty. Rahwana would do anything to get Shinta and ask for any help from anyone as well.

You should go to the venue and watch how Rama tried to get Shinta back after she got kidnapped by Rahwana. Rama is helped by Hanoman and it would show you an interesting battle between Hanuman-Rama and Rahwana-his allies.

The Location

As we have mentioned earlier, there are several places you can visit if you want to watch the performance. Uluwatu provides this performance in the area of Uluwatu Temple every 6 pm to 7 pm. If you are finding the best hotel in Ubud to stay, you can catch the show in several locations. You may need to ask the tourist center staff in Ubud to find out the next show. It commonly starts at 7 pm.

Batu Bulan is also another place you can try to watch this show. The location is the same location as the Barong Dance takes place. The show is open every day at 6 pm. Another place is in Tanah Lot. Located in the area of Tanah Lot Temple, this show is held at 6 pm every day.

So, those are places where you can catch the show and it also answers “where can we watch Kecak Dance” question.


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