Activity On Ubud In The Morning

Ubud is one of the areas located on the island of Bali and is known as a tourist destination in it. Ubud village is located in Gianyar regency, Bali, Indonesia. In addition, Ubud village also has its own characteristics, namely the presence of forests and rice fields as wide as the eye can see as well as a fairly thick art and culture. So that these two things are an attraction for foreign tourists and local tourists.

For some tourists who will spend their vacation time in Ubud village, of course, usually already have a myriad of planned activities, especially in the morning activities. If maybe some tourist locations still don’t open services in the morning, there are still many things you can do to enjoy your time. Well, here we will present some activities that can be done on Ubud in the morning. Happy reading.

  • Shop At The Ubud Market

It is characteristic that the market will always be the only place that opens in the morning, in Ubud Market for example. Although this market has been dominated by small shops that sell certain items and souvenirs, but the Ubud market also continues to provide daily needs, such as vegetable-shuran, side dishes, etc. So, for those of you who need food for cooking, you can visit this Ubud market.

  • Exercising

Well, as we know, sports also include routine activities that are good to do in the morning. Some types of sport are also not activities that are limited by time or activities that depend on others. An example is cycling. Even though you are a guest or migrant, there is no need to worry, because there are also several bicycle rental places or even complete with road guides, so you don’t need to be afraid of being lost.

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Besides cycling, you can also do yoga. You can do yoga activities yourself in your place to stay while enjoying the panorama of nature. But for those of you who still need assistance, there are also yoga studios in several places in Ubud or even become facilities in certain hotels.

  • Culinary Tourism

Not all culinary tourism must be bordered by time. There are also several restaurants or restaurants that do provide food or snacks in the morning. Or if you want while walking around enjoying the view of the rice fields, you can find culinary places located on the side of the road, usually the traders also sell snacks sold on the roadside.

  • Visit Tourist Attractions

Although most tourist attractions start to open at 09.00 am or 10.00 am. There are also several tourist destinations that you can visit at any time and are not time-limited. Some of them are:

a) Teras SawahTegalalang, this Teras Sawah is located in Tegalalang village, Ceking district. The typical stretch of rice fields with terraces is quite interesting for tourists. 

How come? This is because the slope of this terracing rice field is almost 40°.

b) Rafting, apart from the paddy fields, there are also rivers that make it in the irrigation process. This river is a river that is also famous as a place for rafting or playing with arum rapids. This rafting place is on the Ayung River.

c) see monkeys in Monkey Forest. You can also do a view to see monkeys in the forest in the morning, there you can feed monkeys or just take pictures and play. Interesting right?

Well, hopefully some of the choices you can make in the morning that we have presented above can be useful and in accordance with your hobbies. Thus you can still enjoy the beauty around Ubud village with fun activities. Happy traveling.


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