7 Breathtaking Water Temples In Bali

It is like an endless exploration if you think about Bali. This place is very amazing with the culture and all the tourism objects. When once you visit Bali, you will miss it and you will want to visit again in the next time. One of the beautiful objects that you can explore is the water palace.

Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple

Clearly, this water temple is in the first list on the whole water temples. It is because this water temple considered being the very sacred water temple. Hindu people (Hindu=the most worship religion in Bali) believe that it was The God Indra who created this water temple. The water is also believed to have curativeness. You can come and bath yourselves to be free from bad things in their health. If you don’t believe in the curativeness, that is okay, you can still enjoy the fresh water. It is sited in Manukaya village near Tampaksiring. If you stay at Ubud, it won’t be so far.

Taman Ayun Temple

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Taman Ayun Temple is a group of temple that sited in Mengwi sub district, Badung Regency, Bali Province. It is a heritage from Mengwi kingdom. The group of Taman Ayun Temples divided into 4 spot. The first is Jaba. If you want to reach Jaba, you should pass the bridge and the gate. Under the bridge, there is water reservoir. After you pass the bridge and the gate, you will meet a small tower which guard the main gate, then on the right side there is a wantilan (large building) that is usually used for rooster fight (competitive fight between 2 rooster). In this area, there is a fountain that spreads to the 9 directions. The four temples heights are gradual. The second, third and fourth are higher than the first one.

Saraswati Temple

This temple is built to respect Goddess Saraswati. She is the Goddess that teaches about art, literature and learning. The representation of the Goddess reflected from the artistic design of the temple. It shows that Goddess Saraswati loves beautiful object. The temple is surrounded by the water garden. In the middle of it, there is lotus pond, that as like the name, beautiful lotus floating beautifully. 

Although you cannot swim in there (don’t), you can enjoy the view. Besides the water garden and the lotus, the temple has Saraswati Statue with 3 meters height and bale barong that you can see. There is also a shrine named Padmasana for Hindu people to worship the Gods. The lotus pond is also known as Ubud Water Palace. It lies in 24 Kajeng Street, Ubud Sub district, Gianyar Regency. If you arrive at Denpasar, it will be near.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

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This temple is one of the iconic temples which located in Tabanan Regency. While in the Saraswati you see lotus floating, in this area you will see temple is floating. Actually, the temple is not floating. However, the location of the temple that is on the middle of the Beratan Lake, it seems like it is floating. The mist that often covers the Bedugul Mountain behind the temple makes an amazing backdrop. The lake is also famous for its water activities like boating (but again, not swimming). There are small boats for rent so you can enjoy water tour around the temple.

Uluwatu Temple

This temple already hits its popularity. It is because its own attraction and the location that is nearby the other iconic objects. Uluwatu temple lies on the rock cliff in the edge of the sea, at Pecatu Village, South Kuta Subdistrict, Badung Regency, Bali. It is 97 meters above the sea level. The name itself is actually represents the location because Uluwatu in Sanskrit language means the peak of rock cliff. In Uluwatu Temple, there is Kecak Dance show that is held on 6.10 pm – 7 pm. 

Kecak Dance is a Balinese colossal dance that is done by 50-100 dancers. The uniqueness of this dance is that the dancers say the word “cak cak” repeatedly and loudly. The other attraction of the temple is that this place is nearby the other great objects such as: Uluwatu beach, Pandawa beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua beach.

Tanah Lot Temple

This temple is definitely a watery temple because it lies in the edge of the sea in Tabanan, Bali. One of Tanah Lot Temple is offshore, on the huge rock hunk. The other is on edge of the rock cliff (like Uluwatu). Between the huge rock hunk and the cliff, there is a rock path which seems like a bridge but often watery. That rock bridge is the connection between the two Tanah Lot Temples. Is that all? Wait a minute, another uniqueness you can enjoy is the cave under the huge rock hunk. 

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There is a small cave with a snake. The snake is guarded by a Hindu guardian. You can touch the snake under the supervision of the guardian. Besides, the snake is very docile. If you come to Tanah Lot Temple in the pre-evening, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. You can take a good picture of you with Tanah Lot Temple as the background, plus, natural silhouette light from the sunset.

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

This temple is also known as Tirta Dawa Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple. It is located in Central Bali. Although it is easy to reach, only few people are attracted to visit. But, because of this least frequency, this temple becomes tranquil. The beauty of this temple lies on the pond that filled with lotuses. The shrine is surrounded by the great pool that is fed by springs. At glance, it is like the spring in Tirta Empul. The location of this temple is in Sebatu village, Tegallalang sub district, Gianyar regency, Bali. It is 12 kilometers away from Ubud to the northeast. The ticket costs about 15.000 rupiahs for adult, and for children, you will be charged only a half of it.


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