Bali School Surfing For Kids, Where Kids Learn Surf with Fun

Childhood will always be a golden age, where their capture of something new can be received well and quickly. Therefore, it is not uncommon for parents who are now beginning to try to develop every potential that a child has in various fields, such as academics, sports, arts, or other fields.

If you fall into the category of parents who are good at taking advantage of opportunities, then even holiday activities can be educational tours for your baby. Just like doing tours to the island of Bali. Indeed, here maybe you will think, is there an educational tour that is right for children when visiting Bali?, so, the right answer is, there is. For those of you who have a baby with interest in sports, then you should try several types of water sports, one of which is surfing.

Surfing seems to be reserved only for adults. But along with the many requests from domestic tourists or foreign tourists, now surfing activities can also be done by children, of course with direction and guidance from professional trainers. On this island of Bali, we can find many surfing schools that provide certain packages for children. And below we will present some surfing recommendations that might be what you want, including:

Odyssey Surf School

Odyssey Surf School is one of the surfing schools in Bali and has been established since 2003. All trainers at this surfing school have been certified by the Australian Academy of Surfing Instructors. They are all proficient in English and Japanese.

This surfing school is located at Mercure Hotel Arcade or about 10 meters and Kuta Beach Bali. There are several advantages that are of more value in this surfing school, including: winner trip advisor, certified coach, equipment that has the best quality, the best price, free pick-up service, friendly and pleasant service, photography services, meeting classes twice a day, safe lockers, changing rooms, mineral water, clean towels, clean showers, toilets and other advantages.

In addition, this Odessey Surf School divides students into several classes, specifically for children will be included in the Surf Lessons for Kids group. Here children will get extra guidance and training. There are also several packages here, namely: 1) Private, with 1 student and 1 teacher. This class is recommended for children aged 7 – 9 years, 2.5 hours of study time with rest, and surfing needs are provided; and 2) Semi-Private consisting of 2 students and 1 coach. This class is decided for children aged 10-15 years, 2.5 hours of study time with rest, and also surfing needs are provided.

The fees charged to register at the Odessey Surf School range from $ 35 or equivalent to IDR 500,000.

Bali Green Surf School

Bali Green Surf School is also one of the surfing schools that has special classes for children aged 5-15 years. This surfing school is located close to Seminyak beach. As a first time surfing experience for children, they will be accompanied by a coach who will also stand on the same surfboard. These surfing coaches are of course already experienced in training surfing activities. Thus you do not need to worry about the safety of your child while surfing.

The fees charged for surfing fees are $ 35 or the equivalent of IDR 500,000. With these fees, it also includes 2.5 hours of surfing guidance, shuttle to and from the hotel, all personal hygiene equipment and facilities during study, and small groups for 1 trainer consisting of only 2-3 students.

Nuna Surf Bali

Nuna Surf Bali is a surfing school that is very open to beginner surfers. This surfing school is located on Jl. Legian Beach, Legian village, Badung Regency, Bali. There are 2 out of several surfing service packages that are specifically for children, including:

  • Kids Lessons

In this class, surfing lessons will be carried out for 2.5 hours, with 30 minutes of theory, 1 hour of practice, and 20 minutes of rest. If students are proficient enough, they will be given 40 minutes to surf on the beach. One class in the Kids Lessons package only consists of 1 teacher and 2 students.

There are many things that will be learned here, including: identifying the types of waves, wave hazards, surfing equipment and clothing, choosing good conditions in surfing, correct pedaling techniques, standing above surfing, ethics in berselandar, etc. As for the rates charged in 1x meeting is IDR 300,000, 2x meeting is IDR 550,000, 3x meeting is 800,000, 4x meeting is IDR 1,100,000, and 5x meeting is IDR 1,300,000.

  • Kids Private

This class package has facilities that are not much different from the Kids Lesson package, including some things to be learned before surfing. The difference is only in the number of students in 1 class, which consists of only 1 teacher and 1 student and costs are slightly more expensive, namely 1x meeting is IDR 350,000, 2x meeting is IDR 7,000,000, 3x meetings are 950,000, 4x meetings are IDR 1,250 .000, and 5 times the meeting is IDR 1,550,000.

UP2U Surf School Bali

UP2U Surf Shool Bali is a surfing school located on Jl. Padma Beach, Legian, Kuta, Bali. This surfing school service is open from 07.30 am – 17.30 pm. You can access this surfing school via Legian beach, Kuta beach, or Seminyak beach.

This surfing class package at UP2U Surf School Bali is also not much different from other surfing schools. With costs incurred starting from IDR 350,000 to IDR 1,550,000 you will get facilities in the form of 2.5 hours of study hours for 1 meeting, getting surfing theories, free online surfing tutorials and 1 coach who only guides 2 students only However, if you need 1 trainer for 1 student or equivalent to a private class, then you only need to pay an additional fee of IDR 100,000.

Well, so, with various surfing school facilities on the island of Bali, you can also hone the potential of your baby while on vacation with your beloved family. Have a good vacation.


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