Gili Islands

Which Gili Island is the best to visit?

Three best Gilis in Lombok Island

Which Gili Island is the best to visit? 

There are Many gilis in Indonesia, and that’s making you confused choosing the best, as a vacation location? If you want to take a break from the chaos of the city and work, also want to spend time with family and people closest to you such as in kid friendly bali beach club, then you will love the gili spot located on the island of Lombok. Lombok has many gili spots, but here are 3 gilis that have amazing water tourism, with clean and beautiful conditions.

1. Gili Meno and underwater tours

Which Gili Island is the best to visit? Gili Meno has a beauty that is not possessed by another gili namely salt lakes and spectacular diving angles such as Meno Wall, Sea Point Sea Turtle, and Point Coral Blue. The beach in the eastern part of the island is very good and suitable for snorkeling. On Gili Meno, you will find free-swimming turtles and colorful coral species.

There are many choices of fun holiday activities on Gili Meno. Angles for diving are waiting for you to follow. The coral garden around the northeast coast is worth a visit, the coral colors fascinate the eyes of divers. If you are lucky, you will run into a bunch of school fish back and forth.

2. Gili Asahan and secret view

One of the spots on Gili Asahan that is often visited by divers is the secret garden. Here, the waters are quite fast, be careful to the directions that is announced by the guide. Next, there is a sinking point. The characteristics of the waters are dynamic, sometimes calm and sometimes flowing.

The inhabitants of this diving point are fish with various colors, soft coral, hard coral, anemone and many more. With 25-30 meters sight to capture this beauty. The next diving spot that is no less captivating is Belongan. Here there is a cluster of pinnacle coral. 

3. Gili Tangkong and food tours

Here there are places to eat with a variety of menu choices, plus slightly yellowish-colored sand. The most appropriate activity to fill the Gili Tangkong is snorkeling to see the beauty of the underwater. We can rent snorkeling equipment at Tawun pier with a tariff of IDR 70.000 includes buoys, breathing aids, fins, and glasses.

Because there are not many tourists visiting Gili Tangkong, we can play water as much as we like, swim and snorkel without worrying about being disturbed by other guests. We are like visiting a private island. this place is a very appropriate location to take a underwater picture.

Which Gili Island is the best to visit? That’s 3 gilis with its uniqueness in Lombok. You have to come here!


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