Things To Do In Tabanan and Sanur

There are many things to do in Tabanan and Sanur. Bali is probably the most visited place in all of Southeast Asia. Discussing the attractions in Bali will be endless because Bali as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia has many fascinating tourist attractions to visit. No wonder many domestic and international tourists choose Bali as their choice for a vacation.

When planning for a vacation, most people will look for tourist attractions that are interesting and must be visited. If you want to have a vacation in Bali, don’t be confused to choose which tourist places you want to visit. Bali has a lot to offer from beautiful beaches, surfing, waterfalls, affordable villas, exciting nightlife, and more. Here are some tourist attractions in Bali that very interesting to be used as a reference.

Tourist Attractions In Tabanan

We have sorted Tourist attractions in Tabanan for you. The first tourist attraction you need to visit is Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. It’s the most beautiful crater lake that has a temple in it with incredible views of rice paddies and mountains. This temple was built in 1633 and it’s one of the most famous water temples in Bali. The lake is a major source of irrigation to central Bali and the entire economy depends on the agriculture that’s around this mountainous area.

The second tourist attraction in Tabanan is Soka Beach. This beach has beautiful views of the Indian ocean and hills. From here you will also be able to see the majestic Mount Agung. There is a restaurant in front of the beach where you can enjoy the lovely black sandy beach while you can enjoy your meal or drink. 

Another recommendation is Tanah Lot Temple. Here, there are two temples are situated on a large rock. This temple is one of Bali’s most popular sights and tourist destinations. Unfortunately, Non-Balinese are not allowed to enter the site so the visitors only can walk to the base of Tanah Lot Temple. Tanah Lot is a famous place in Bali to see the beautiful sunset. If you want to see the beautiful sunset view, you can come to Tanah Lot Temple about one or two hours before the sunset come. This is one of the must-do things to do in Tabanan.

Tourist Attraction In Sanur

Sanur is often a town that’s overlooked by travelers in Bali. Sanur Beach is the first destination for sightseeing in Sanur. Sanur beach hosted some of the hotels with beachfront retreats in Bali and is known for its restaurants, shops, and bars. It’s also a good place for those who are looking for a dose of arts and culture. 

Where is the location of Sanur beach? If you depart from the Berawa Beach area, heading to Sanur Beach will cover a distance of 22 kilometers with an estimated time of about 42 minutes. While, if you depart from the Batu Bolong Beach area, heading to Sanur Beach will cover a distance of 25 kilometers with an estimated time of about 50 minutes. You can explore Bali by ride a scooter. You can rent a scooter with only about 60.000 rupiahs.

Another activity that you can do in Sanur is Bali Seawalker Sanur. Seawalker Sanur is an activity that lets you walk underwater with swarms of fishes. You don’t need any certification to do this activity and it’s safe. If you haven’t snorkeled yet, you still can do this. 

Bali is all about going to beaches but there is much more fun to explore and find more secretive ones. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty and have a delicious meal at the same time, you can take a cooking class in Bamboo Shoots Bali. You will go to a local market to learn about local produce and spices. Then you will head to the kitchen and whipped up some delicious Balinese dishes and even you can try how to cook using traditional cooking methods. 

Hotel Recommendations In Bali

From budget guesthouses to five-star luxury hotels, Bali offers great deals that suit any budget. Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali Resort is one of the best Sanur resort for luxury holiday. While enjoying the luxury holiday, you can dive into the busy social scene in popular areas and find vacation rental properties around the resort. This resort is a good place for those who want to have a relaxing and luxurious holiday at a reasonable price. This resort only 100 meters from Sanur Beach. 

If you are in Jimbaran, there are recommended hotels near Balangan Beach. It’s La Joya Balangan Beach Resort. The hotel is 29 kilometers from Sanur and 48 kilometers from Tabanan. Even though it is far from those two cities, this hotel is highly recommended. This hotel has villa and bungalows with rustic interior design, such as stone floors, stone walls, wood furniture, carvings, and local art. This hotel also has its private access to the beach which is its beautiful place for relaxing. It’s very enjoyable for families. People from outside and who don’t stay in the hotel still can come and enjoy the views. You don’t have to stay a night to enjoy your time here. 

La Joya 1 is composed of 18 bungalows and 6 hotels room with two swimming pools with a kid area. It’s very nice to enjoy your drink and have a nice holiday. While La Joya 2 is a more romantic place because its right on the cliff with an amazing sunset view and it’s very nice to enjoy your holiday. Each of the resorts has its uniqueness. 

While on holiday in Bali, don’t forget to cross-check the price before purchasing anything. Make sure to bargain and negotiate on the prices because in most tourist trap areas they had priced it twice or thrice as much as the original price. To travel to near places, it’s better to use “ojek online” because the prices have been set and it’s safer. Visit as many attractions as possible in Tabanan and Sanur. Don’t miss any fun things to do in Tabanan and Sanur!

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