The Fact About Lempuyang Temple Picture’s Instagrammable Rumor

Lately, Bali is not just stunning for its beaches. The Hindu worship places are hotly demanded. The majestic pictures of temples are spread in the internet through blog or social media especially Instragram. The world is amazed with the gorgeous picture of Lempuyang Temple and everyone can’t stop wow-ing. ‘The gate of heaven’ is given to the Lempuyang temple because of those beauties. However, shortly after that, people visit Lempuyang Temple to take the same good picture and found it fake. The fact tells the truth.

The Hoax Picture

The great picture that is found to be hoax is that the picture of Lempuyang temple with people in the middle. On the ground, there is a beautiful reflection of the object above. Most people who have seen the pictures think that the reflection is gotten from the water. So, most people think that in front of the gate, there is a lake. World travelers can’t stop thinking about the beautiful picture and visit Lempuyang temple to proof it. Not like they expected, the picture is not as the same as the fact. There is no river or lake in front of the Lempuyang temple.

How Is The Picture Made?

‘How is the picture made?’ becomes an intriguing question. In technology, it is easy to edit the picture like that. But the experts say that there is no digital editing of the picture. The digital editing just involved some settings like brightness, contrast, and all about illumination. The lake mirror effect is made manually with a real mirror. A mirror is placed in front of the camera; the cameraman set the angle that can give effect that there is a lake under the gate. Some of the watchers might laugh, but the result of the manual mirror setting has them stop. At first, almost all people believe that picture. Some of the watchers might be angry and upset, but not the whole things in the picture are hoax.

The Fact Of Lempuyang Temple The Gate Of Heaven

The thing that is not right is only the river and the reflection. The other things beside that thing are true. The visitors might be upset of one thing but they still grateful of the other stuffs in Lempuyang temple. The view of the great mount Agung is perfectly right. The beatiful clouds that are hanging on the sky are right. One hoax in the pictures almost erases the whole beauty of Lempuyang temple. Some travelers cancel their trips, some others intrigued and vigorously visit Lempuyang temple to proof. When their feet on Lempuyang temple, they realize that besides that hoax, there are still beauties in Lempunyang temple.

Stand For Lempuyang Temple

In Instagram, many users express theirs sadness and disappointment on this hoax. One of account posted the process of the picture made. That behind the scene picture might be re-posted by the other accounts massively. Among those disappointments, after they re-think about all those things, Bali and the holy Lempuyang temple still deserve to get the epithet ‘the gate of heaven’. One user realizes that thing and speaks up in social media about her mind against disgracing the temple. Then it spreads quickly. It makes the other people realize the same way. It is not fair to judge the whole thing by one fake thing. Moreover, it is made not by the government. The government’s tourism ads use the original photos and don’t mean to trick the tourists.

Visit Lempuyang Temple From Ubud

Let us back to the reality and have some great vacation in Bali. To get rid of that photograph scam, you can visit Lempuyang Temple for real. If you start your journey from Ubud, the distance is 70 kilometers. If you go there by car, it takes 1 hour and 47 minutes. The route passes Tegal Besar Street, Prof.Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Street, and Ngurah Rai Street. Still with this route, if you take motorcycle as your vehicle, you save 8 minutes. It takes 1 hour and 39 minutes. The other possible route is that passes Bakas Street, Timuhun Street, and Ida Kt Djelantik. Through this route, it takes 2 hours and 6 minutes by car. By motorcycle, it takes 1 hour and 44 minutes.

Spread The Real Photo

In helping the world to know the real Lempuyang Temple, you can have this good mission: take picture and post to the social media or blog as many as you can. One fact about the hoax picture with mirror is that the person who asked the local to capture the picture already knows about the reality. If the world blames the photographer, it doesn’t sound fair. The client or the tourist who asks to be captured already knows the fact but enjoys the photo anyway.

It Is Not A Hoax

Considering the whole things in this picture incident, this is not a hoax. The photographer and the tourist don’t have an intention to trick the world. If it’s not a hoax, what is the appropriate word to describe this phenomenon? That is a simple question. The appropriate term is ‘the art of photography’. People want to beautify the picture they make using some tricks. The examples of the other art of photography are: using silver board to add the brightness, adjusting the angle to get the good light, and etc. Have you ever seen a giant tourist touch the top of a high tower? That uses the art of photography too. It utilizes the distance to create giant effect. The tourist is place nearby the camera and the tower is a little bit far behind. The photographer then adjusts the angle to make it like a giant touches the tower’s top.

Lempuyang temple might not have lake like what the picture in the internet. But, it still has the real beauties. It is proved by the other pictures without mirrors. Indeed, they’re still beautiful and majestic. The photographer might be over creative, but he doesn’t mean to trick the watcher. It is pure an art to make the photo more gorgeous, that’s all. Here, it can be derived that the holy Lempuyang temple doesn’t deserve to be disgraced and still a great place to visit.


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