Best Island Around Bali and Lombok

Bali and Lombok are the best places as a kid friendly bali beach club, but there are also the best island around bali and lombok also no less interesting to visit if you are visiting Bali and Lombok later.

There are several best island around bali and lombok that you can visit either alone, in pairs, or with a group of friends or family. That way, you will have a list of new tourist destinations for you to spend the remaining vacation time on the island of Bali or Lombok if still remaining.

Gili Trawangan is one of the recommended tourist destination spots if you are visiting Lombok Island. There offers beautiful natural beach views with white sand and very clear sea water which will also make you want to do diving there later. For lodging, you can rely on lodging places ranging from hostels, cottages, to famous resorts.

  • Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is an active mountain and is the second-highest mountain in Indonesia which reaches 3,726 meters above sea level. No wonder Mount Rinjani is one of the favorite spots for climbers and also an icon for Lombok Island.

  • Merese Hill

Bukit Merese is an alternative tourist destination for those of you who want to enjoy the view from above on the island of Lombok in addition to climbing Mount Rinjani. In Merese Hill, of course, you will not need to require extra effort to get to the top, just enough through ordinary tracks that will not force your body too much like climbing. Merese Hill is also the best place to enjoy the sunset in Lombok.

Nusa Lembongan is usually known as a hiding place from the hustle and bustle of the world that is around the island of Bali. Here you will find a place that is very quiet so that you will really be in an area far from the frenetic world. Nusa Lembongan offers beaches with very clear seawater and also tours around the mangrove forests there with a small boat.

  • Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan is one of the areas that is quite remote so it is not widely known by visitors who are playing to the island of Bali. Nusa Ceningan is actually close to Nusa Lembongan and to be honest both of them are separate islands and are not part of Nusa Lembongan as most people now assume. Nusa Lembongan offers Blue Lagoon which is quite interesting to visit.

  • Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of the islands around the island of Bali with beaches that have not been 6. commercialized, such as beaches on the island of Bali. You will find a natural atmosphere that is truly natural when visiting here. In addition, in Nusa Penida there is also a variety of habitats for birds that are almost extinct and are not allowed to be hunted, there is also the Cave of Giri Putri which is sacred as the place of the Hindu God, Shiva.

That’s the best island around bali and lombok that you can visit later. Happy holiday.

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