5 Interesting Activities to Do in Ubud

Ubud is an area in Bali that is very famous for its tourist attractions. You can just name it; there are Monkey Forest of Ubud, Ubud Farming Field, Ubud Market, and more. But of course, while being there, you should only watch the scenery and not do anything else. In fact, there are many interesting activities you can do in Ubud. What are they?

Farming in Tegalalang

Indonesia, including Bali, has its own way of farming. The farming areas are commonly in the form of terraces in stacks that are full of the green paddies and other plants. If you are in Ubud, make sure to go to Tegalalang farming area to join the traditional farming activities along with local people. After that, you sit down in some cafes available. It is while enjoying the stunning landscape.

Tracking in Monkey Forest Ubud

Almost all the tour packages must include Monkey Forest as one of the destinations. Just like the name, it is a kind of protected forests with biodiversity that must be maintained. Uniquely, there are so many monkeys lived here. Make sure to explore the forest by tracking on the path that has been available. Sure, it will be an unforgettable memory in the future.

Bicycling in Ubud Villages

Some villages in Ubud are just great to explore. There are beautiful landscapes from the farming areas, forest, waterfall, river, and more. Unfortunately, it seems too far and tiring if you must explore them all by walking. That’s why; it is more recommended to ride a bicycle to go around. Interestingly, there are now many tour agencies that provide bicycle rentals for this activity. Well, you are not alone, even Julia Roberts also rode a bicycle in a scene of her movie, Eat, Pray, Love.

Rafting in Ayung Ubud River

Ayung Ubud River indeed has some characteristics that make it really suitable for rafting. The stream is quite strong but not as stronger as other rivers. This way, the beginners can start their rafting experience here. While rafting, enjoy also the scenery around that is really incredible. Unfortunately, this activity is sometimes not available in the rainy season.

Shopping in Ubud Traditional Market

Sure, you need to go to the traditional market in Ubud for shopping. In the market, you can see so many unique souvenirs and handicrafts with Balinese styles. Some of the souvenirs are children’s toys, bags, shoes, clothes, and more. The snacks there need to enjoy too.


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