Which is the Best, Kuta or Sanur

If you are planning to visit Bali for spending the holiday or for a business trip you may a bit confused between two popular destinations in Bali which is the best, Kuta or Sanur? So that you can decide where to stay, especially if you have limited time and cannot visit both. 


Kuta may be the most popular with tourists both domestic and international. That is why this place is full of bars, clubs, and other entertainment facilities as well as hotels and resorts for all budgets. The beaches are also famous for the sunset or the beach itself. Kuta is the place where you can witness the beauty of the sunset view and the lively youthful vibe. Kuta has the bigger tide that it is a good place for someone who is here to surf or learn how to surf. In Kuta, the places and hotels are relatively within walking distance so it is easy to go to places and to have your hotels close to the beach.


To decide which is the best, Kuta or Sanur? We first need to take a look at Sanur. While Kuta is full of life and youthful vibe. Sanur is more quiet and calm. This place is suitable for a family trip or if you are not a fan of the staleness like in Kuta. The ocean tide in Sanur is calm and not as big as in Kuta. Here you can go canoeing or swimming. If you want to try sea walkers, Sanur is a perfect place to try it. Seawalker is great for you who wants to enjoy the coral reef and the ocean life without being able to swim. If you go to Kuta for the sunset, the Sanur is beautiful for its sunrise. 

Which to choose

After you read about the Sanur and Kuta it is time for you to decide which is the best, Kuta or Sanur? If you are looking for more of the entertainment side and a sunset lover, Kuta is the best for you. but if you are more to a calm and quiet vibe, Sanur can be the option for you. also if you don’t mind travel a bit farther to places such as shopping spots so you can find a place in Sanur to stay. Both places have pretty beaches to sunbathe, so you do not have to go find tanning bed Bali. So if you are looking for the beaches it does not matter which place to choose.

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