Running Race in Bali

Running race in Bali you can choose as a fun way to enjoy Bali Island. As we know Bali offers so many things that we need to make our body and mind relax. Bali offers great and wonderful nature to explore and we can find paradise when we are in Bali. You don’t need to do an ordinary way to enjoy the beauty of Bali but you really need to try following and take your part in running events that are done in Bali.

Actually, there are three types of running events that you can find in Bali. Before you choose to follow it, you better know more about three running events that you can follow when you are in Bali.

Bali Marathon 2020

First running race that you can follow when you are in Bali is Bali Marathon 2020. For all of you who like to do Marathon then you can take part in the Bali Marathon 2020 or Bali Half Marathon. This race will begin and also end in front of Bali Taman Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar. All runners will pass and enjoy the stunning scenery of all things in Bali and all runners will be able to enjoy the traditional villages and friendly Balinese during their race.

Along the route, all runners can enjoy traditional Balinese orchestras that will add a unique atmosphere during your race. There are some marathon events that you can follow and it will be done near Uluwatu Temple. You know that most people who are coming to Bali will never miss to visit Uluwatu Temple. You can find fun thing to do in Uluwatu and you will not only get health benefits when you do marathons here, but you can make your body and soul feel relaxed.

For following the marathon, you need to check more information and you better know some rules before you follow the event.

Bali International Triathlon

For all of you who like to follow running race in Bali such as Triathlon, you don’t need to worry because you can also follow the Bali International Triathlon. This event can be followed every year. When you do run, you will be able to learn more about Balinese culture too.

This Triathlon will be done from Sanur and then finishing in Sanur too. Sanur as we know is one of the famous villages in Bali. This running event will be combined with some other events such as Heritage events and athletic events too. The route of this triathlon will allow the full road of Jimbaran Bay too. 

Bali Ultra Running Race 2020

The next running race Bali event that you can also follow is Bali Ultra Train 2020. This event offers some types of running races such as 11k, 22k, 33k, 50k and also 80k. This running event will be done in Kintamani, Bali. As we know Bali is not always about beautiful beaches, it is also about beautiful scenery that you can see from the above.

Bali is known as the Island of God. It attracts people not only local people but people from all over the world to come to this island. Exploring Bali Island by taking part in this running race event will give you more experience. During your running you can enjoy the amazing scenic views of the UNESCO Global Geopark in Batur Bali. There are so many things to explore there. As we know Kintamani is famous for having the best view of mountains, forests, villages, lakes and hot springs that you can enjoy too. It is a challenging running race that will make you know more about your ability to run. 

Running Race to Uluwatu

For all of you who like to explore Uluwatu, you can choose to take part in the marathon, triathlon and bali Ultra that take place in Uluwatu. Uluwatu is famous with most iconic temples that combined together with the gorgeous coastlines. It will not only become a good place for running races but it is also good for all surfers from all countries in the world. Uluwatu offers world class surfing playgrounds. All surfers can explore more the Indian ocean and vast coastal length too. It makes sure all surfers can improve their skills in surfing.  

Can you go inside Uluwatu Temple?

Yes of course you can enter the temple but you need to know the rule. All tourists need to wear special outfits when they enter the temple. What can you do when you are in this area? You need to enjoy the cultural performance here. You can enjoy Kecak dance with a dramatic sunset backdrop or you can also see the head of Garuda Wisnu Kencana as the background of Kecak Dance when you enjoy Kecak Dance performance in Uluwatu Temple. You will never get this experience when you are in other places.

Are there monkeys in Uluwatu Temple?

This temple is located on the south western edge of the limestone cliff that is surrounded by the forest. Because of the situation, you will be able to find more monkeys. You must be aware of all of the monkeys because monkeys may take your bags. There are adept pickpockets. 

There are some running events that explore more Ubud. Ubud is the next beautiful place in Bali that you must visit too. When you come to Ubud, you can feel the inner peace. There are some activities that you can do too in Ubud when you don’t follow running races. You can do Bali Hash House Harriers too for the best activity when you are in Ubud.

For all of you who like to enjoy the beautiful scenery or rice terrace, you can join locals gatherings on Monday and Thursday. Enjoying Bali island is not only by coming and choosing to stay in the best hotel in Bali. It is a recommended island for those who come for honeymoon but it is also a good Island for those who like running races or surfing and diving. It is good for you to explore Bali and visit some beautiful places in Bali such as Sanur, Kintamani, Denpasar, Uluwatu and Ubud in an extraordinary way.

You can take part in the running race in Bali that will give you new experience during your visit in Bali.


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