The Seaside Restaurant at Bali

Tanning bed Bali may look fascinating, but spending time by looking at the panorama on the seaside restaurant at Bali is better. No one will decline a chance to relax for a bit in Bali, then stretching your body and legs while drinking an iced tea in a tropical and exotic environment. If that chance came, don’t miss that moment.

Spend your relaxing time by picking the best place to enjoy the scenery of Bali seaside. A restaurant or cafe might do the work. So, in this article, we will talk about seaside restaurants in Bali. 

Kelly’s Warung

Even though the title is about restaurants, let me give you a quick fun fact. Cafes are actually one of the restaurant types too, but they are more for something that is not formal. 

Kelly’s Warung located in the south of Kuta, Badung regency, in Bali. Most of the surfers will stop by here to have meals during the sunset. The wave is very ideal for the surfers, and the sunset looks charming, fascinating, and beautiful.

This cafe opens at 8 AM in the morning until 9 PM, and they will serve you many kinds of meals and drinks, including alcoholic like beers. The price is also friendly as well, they start from Rp. 5.000 to Rp. 240.000, or you can say it is around $0.365 to $17.52 in USD.

Single Fin

Same as above, this cafe restaurant also located in the south of Kuta. This cafe is suitable for people who want to enjoy the Uluwatu’s wave. Because Single Fin Cafe is the best spot to enjoy seeing them. 

This cafe opens from 8 AM in the morning until 1 AM, one hour after midnight. They will serve you from exotic foods to junk foods. The drink also various, including strong alcoholic drinks. However, the seaside restaurant at Bali like this is pretty expensive for local people, with an average Rp. 200.000 per people or equal to $14.6 in USD.

El Kabron

From the name, we noticed that this cafe is a Spanish-themed cafe. This cafe also located south of Kuta, and the exact location is around the edge of a cliff. 

Because of the strategic geographical location, you can enjoy the scenery of the Bali Sea and the sunset as well. The seaside restaurant at Bali, such as this open from 11.30 AM until midnight, and this is the best place to taste Carpaccio or Calamares during sunset.


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