Bali Instagrammable Cafe

In this days, people visit a cafe not only because of the taste of the food and beverages. Since smartphones with high quality camera appear, people able to create good pictures with their cellular phone. This make instagrammable Bali cafe become a ‘must visit’ place to increase your Instagram collection.

Modern Living In Instagram

Modern living make people has a high expectation product in their work and daily life. This make people so busy, so that they only has limited time to meet each other. The growing of social media can overcome the need of social life. 

Instagram, as social media based on picture has make photography and selfie lovers got their heaven. Instagrammable Bali cafe can be one of your best choise to create nice pictures for your social media while you enjoy holiday in Bali. 

List Of Instagrammable Bali Cafe

Here is a list of some instagramable cafe in Bali, that you can choose based on your interest:

Fat Mermaid In Canggu

Pink lovers, here’s good news for you. This cafe use fo many pink in their stuffs. In the entrance, you’ll welcomed by Fat Mermaid letter from Neon and a high vertical garden. You can enjoy Indonesian food that has combined with western style. 

La Laguna

Rustic bohemian lover, this one is for you. This cafe has old wood building with colourfull ornaments. The location is near with Pantai Kayu Putih, where they has a wooden bridge to go there. This is an instagramable spot, too. You can get outdoor seat with the trees around you. 

Panama Kirchen And Pool

This cafe offer you white building with bright blue windows. This will make you feel like being in Santorini. There is a swimming pool where you can play water while enjoy your food. 

Folie Kitchen And Patisserie

This cafe offer you western food and many delicious pastry choice. They has lots of photospot, like the tropical theme mural. You also can create nice picture of pink dinnerware on the navy sofa. You also find many hanging plants in the semi-outdoor area. 

Mrs Sippy Bali

The western food that offer here combine with enjoyable salt water swimming pool. You can enjoy the daybed while you enjoy food along sunset. 

Neon Palms

You can taste delicious tacos, tapas, and many more in this cafe. But the most important, they has pink facade in front of the cafe. The interior also interesting. There is a wall with cicle pattern on it. You can also have picture in front of the cheetah mural. 

Tropicola Beach Club 

As a beach club, they has swimming pool that you must swim in it. you can enjoy seafood to BBQ menu in this place. Cocktail also a must to increase your Instagram. 

Da Maria Bali

This is an Italian style restaurant. They has baby blue interior that combine with yellow sofa and seats. But, if your purpose is for your Instagram, come to this place in the morning or in the afternoon to get the best pictures. You can look all the cafe within this MAP


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