Do You Need To Cover Up For Uluwatu Temple? And Important Things You Should Know

Do you need to cover up for Uluwatu Temple? The issue of clothing is an important thing, which greatly influences comfort during a vacation. You certainly will not choose to use clothes that make you bother, and difficult during the trip. For holidays to Bali too, usually, you might choose clothes that are lightweight, and do not obstruct movement.

Especially when visiting Running Race in Bali, and also natural tourist spots, which require you to move quickly and move to various places. But apparently, there are some things you should pay attention to when you are on holiday in Bali, one of which is about the clothes you wear when you visit the temple.

Holy temple

As you know, the temple is a sacred building, which was used as a place of offerings to the gods, by the Balinese people who adhere to the Hindu religion. Therefore, most of the temples in Bali double function, namely as one of the most favored tourist destinations, and are still used as places of worship, and also rituals and Hindu religious traditions.

A temple is a sacred place, which is believed to be a place to pray for the Gods. If you understand this, then you will understand why you have to look after your clothes and behavior while in the port area.

You certainly can’t do destructive things, then steal. And other things that can damage the sanctity of the temple in Bali. You are also always reminded to behave politely and politely during visits to temples.

Do you need to cover up for Uluwatu Temple? 

Using thin and short clothing is one of the right solutions, when vacationing in the tropics, such as Bali. Because of no wonder so many tourists who use casual and short-sleeved shirts, also shorts, when exploring Bali. But, in doing this, you must pay attention to the terms of use of the while you are in the temple, not only Uluwatu temple, but the entire temple in Bali.

You are expected to wear polite and closed clothes. But of course, the culture of using closed clothing as a sign of politeness is not all done in all countries. The difference in how to dress is a very natural thing. For this reason, to help those of you who come to Bali without much preparation, later at the gate of Uluwatu Temple, you will be given clothes and scarves, which you can use during the journey in Uluwatu Temple. And don’t worry because everything is free, you don’t have to pay for the cloth and shawl given.

You just need to use it to cover your old body parts around and enjoy the environment of the temple, and later when you’re done, you will return the cloth and scarf.

Those are some important things you should know about Do you need to cover up for Uluwatu Temple? manners and dress while you are in a sacred place, which is the temple in Bali.

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