Finding the Best Tanning Bed in Bali

Are you looking for tanning bed Bali? Having a sun-kissed skin is a dream to many, because it looks healthier and more exotic. Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations because it’s warm and sunny all year round. Many tourists flock to this tropical paradise to bask in the sun and go home with beautiful baked skin.

But not everyone can have natural tan. Instead, some people get painful sunburns. Indoor tanning using a tanning bed or solarium is one of the ways to get a tan if you are very white.

If you can’t get tans from just sunbathing, why not get an indoor tan while holidaying in Bali? Not only can you get a bronze skin of your dreams, you will also get to enjoy an escapade from the usual boring city life. Especially in Seminyak area, one of the most beautiful places in the island.

Here’s how you can get the best solarium in Seminyak, Bali, while also enjoying a fun holiday experience.

Benefits of a tanning bed

Maybe you’ve heard someone say that tanning beds are dangerous. But are they really?

Of course, indoor tanning has its downsides. However, all kinds of tanning can result in health complications and problems, whether indoor or outdoor. So long as your skin is exposed to UV rays, the rays can damage your skin.

Therefore, the key is tanning wisely. It’s okay to use solarium as long as you do it in moderation.

In fact there are many benefits to indoor tanning. Here are some of them:

  • Beautiful, healthier-looking bronze skin
  • Reducing risk of skin cancer
  • Your skin will produce more vitamin D

Why Seminyak?

Unlike the likes of Kuta, Sanur, and Ubud, Seminyak has only recently gained popularity among Bali enthusiasts. It’s now one of the hippest places in Bali. Located in Kuta regency, Bali’s tourism hotspot, you’ll never run out of exciting things to do here.

In Seminyak, you can spend the morning shopping and bargaining at the markets and explore tourist attractions during the day. In the afternoon, head to the beaches to relax. Sit in the sand and enjoy the breeze while watching the sunset. Head to one of the seaside restaurant at Bali Seminyak and have a romantic dinner by the beach and under the starry sky, and then go to a club or a bar.

Plus, Seminyak is where you can get some of the best tanning bed Bali treatments. Developed by experts, these solarium Bali services provide high quality tanning. Rest assured, your skin will be safe with those indoor tanning experts.

Where to get tans in Seminyak

There are several places in Seminyak where you can get indoor tanning. Here are some of them.

  • Eco Bali Spa

As its name suggests, Eco Spa Bali uses an ethical and environmentally conscious approach. Here, you not only can get tanning but also massage, face and body treatments, hair treatments, and many other beauty services. They use organic and environmentally responsible products.

  • Bronz Spa Bali

Bronz Spa is a Bali branch of an Australian beauty franchise. So you can be sure that they know how to take care of your skin! They don’t only provide tanning but also salons, skin care, organic spa, and other beauty treatments.

  • Glo Spa Bali

Glo Spa Bali provides tanning as well as other body care treatments. The therapists here are internationally qualified professionals who are committed to taking care of you. Plus, first time customers get a discount of 10%!

Safe tanning

Make sure that you follow the safety guidelines in the tanning process so your skin is not damaged. Here are some of the rules for tanning beds.

  • Use it only once a day and not more than twice a week.
  • First-time tanning bed users must not use it for more than 7 minutes.
  • Use goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Do not exfoliate your skin just before the tanning session! New skin is more sensitive.
  • Wait for at least 4-6 hours after being in a solarium before taking a shower or swimming.
  • Follow what the experts say.

Going to the beach after tanning

Popular belief says that you can’t swim after getting a tan, but this isn’t true. Especially if you do indoor tanning using a solarium, which lasts longer. So yes, you can hit the beach the day after you get a tan.

However, you have to protect your newly tanned skin. Wear clothes or use umbrellas and hats, and sunscreen is a must! Don’t swim or spend time on the beach for extended periods of time. With an already tanned skin, you won’t even feel like sunbathing for a long time anyway.

If you want to go to the beach, go in the afternoon when the sun is not too harsh. Always wear and reapply sunscreen, because the UV rays are still there.

Where to stay in Seminyak

Finding an accommodation is one of the most important things about a trip. It’s easy because Seminyak, being a popular tourist destination, offer many accommodation options for all travelers on all kinds of budget.

Budget travelers can find the best low budget Kuta hotel for couple. In fact a quick search on Agoda, Expedia, Tripadvisoe, or Airbnb will show you that there are so many affordable but good accommodations, villas, and 3 stars hotel on Seminyak. 

Travelers on a very tight budget can opt for the likes of favehotel Sunset Seminyak which is both affordable and comfortable.

If you’re not pressed by budget and want to enjoy a completely luxurious escapade from daily life, Seminyak does not lack lavish hotels to impress you. Book a seaside hotel such as The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali so you can head to the beach first thing in the morning.

There are also accommodations with a traditional, tropical touch such as the strategically located Sunset Bungalow Seminyak which offers facilities such as car rent and solariums.

Now you know how to get tanning bed Bali and also enjoy a relaxing holiday!


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