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Exploring the South Bali and Things to Do

Exploring the south Bali will show you various things you will never know. Other than that, in this part of Bali, there are various things from the charming and quiet Sanur district up to the home of hype spots and nightlife like Seminyak. Here we will show you anything you need to know about the south part this island along with what you will get from there.

Nusa Dua district

In this exploring the south Bali article, we are going to start with Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is where you will find all-inclusive beach resorts in Bali. This place is like the nest of international-chain hotels with a pristine beachfront. The tourism complex is very well-planned yet you have an exclusive upmarket shopping lane.

It can be touted that Nusa Dua is the most developed tourist and resort area in Bali but you still find some cultural attractions in this district. Some temples, museums, and natural landmarks are located in Nusa Dua. This district is also ideal for family vacation or honeymoon holidays.


When you are in Bali, you will never skip the Kuta district because it is the place of nightlife and other social interactions take places. According to things to bring to Bali, Kuta is the most popular resort destination in Bali. It also takes 10 minutes of driving from the international airport.

Kuta has been vastly transformed over the past decade due to the growth of accommodation options, shopping spots, and dining scenes. Still, many people want to get here especially if they need such an affordable option of accommodation. If you are looking for art galleries then this place could be one of the best spots in south Bali.


Uluwatu is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. You will pass the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park www.gwkbali.com before you reach the peak of Uluwatu. Other than that, this place is the home of a sacred temple on the cliff up there. When you are on the temple complex and on your way to reaching the temple, you can witness the blue ocean down there. Other than that, some monkeys would be passing by and be careful with your belongings considering the monkeys are just as smart as humans could be.

When the sun goes down, you can watch the cultural performance like Kecak and Fire Dance (uluwatukecakdance.com) . What makes it dramatic is that you will have the silhouette of the temple and the sunset as its backdrop. And this is why you need to begin your journey of exploring the south Bali.


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