5 Cafes in Bali with Unique and Instagrammable Concepts

When you are going to Bali, you should not forget to perpetuate your moments using your cameras. Then, the captures can just be uploaded in Instagram to beautify your feed more. Yes, this island indeed has so many stunning spots that should not be missed out. Not only are they regarding tourist destinations but also some cafes are very instagrammable. Below, there is a list of unique and cute cafes to be visited and captured in Bali. Check them out.

Follie Kitchen & Patisserie

In the area of Canggu, there is famous and artistic cafe namely Follie Kitchen & Patisserie. Despite the tasty foods provided, the interior and exterior of the cafe are definitely Instagram-worthy. The wall is decorated with the paint of flowers and birds. Meanwhile, the furniture is also really cool and elegant. The most popular one is the half-circle blue sofa with some pots of orchid flowers there.

Follie Kitchen & Patisserie: Canggu, Kuta

Bottega Italiana

If you want to feel a piece of Italy in Bali, Bottega Italiana is the best place to visit. For information, there are 3 outlets of the cafe in Bali only; they are in Canggu, Seminyak, and Petitenget. The concept offered is European vintage as you can see from the interior and exterior. There are green plants inside and outside the cafe makes the atmosphere more beautiful and refreshing. For the menu, of course, almost all of them are Italian. Interestingly, all the ingredients are homemade.

Map Bottega Italiana: Seminyak Petitenget Canggu

Kim Soo Home Cafe

Originally, Kim Soo Home is a provider of homeware in Indonesia. Then, the cafe is functioned as the display area for their products. In other words, it is just like an exhibition. However, the owner has a unique way to make the visitors want to visit there and then stay longer. It is by creating a cafe inside. Meanwhile, the products are displayed very well so that the interior looks really astonishing. (map)

Revolver Espresso

For coffee lovers, this place should not be missed out. The location is a little bit hidden indeed but it is just worthy with the quality offered inside. Both the cafe’s decorations and menu are at the top level. The cafe’s interior is in pink with floral accents everywhere. There are hanging plants from the ceiling, making the cafe much more instagrammable. Sure, there are numerous variants of coffee to enjoy also. (map)

Sea Circus Bali

Sea Circus is for you who look for the nuance of tropical beach and sea in a cafe. However, a little bit different from the name, you may not find sea animal circus here. It is just the interior decoration that is designed in a coastal concept starting from the blue and green paints to the use of wood and bamboo for the furniture and details. In some spots, there are colorful decorations that may make you want to stay here longer. (maps)

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