Which is better Kuta or Ubud?

People will likely be asking you which is better Kuta or Ubud? when you get back from your vacation in Bali. Or, you will likely be asked what is there to do in Canggu Bali? when they know you also went to Canggu. When it comes to choosing between Kuta or Ubud, it will be going to be a hard thing to do.

The reason? These two places are the heart of Bali. Each of them has its own uniqueness and beauty. We will be giving you some insights into Kuta and Ubud so you can choose it by yourself which one of them is better. 

Things about Kuta

For your information, Kuta is known as the infamous beach town. The reason why Kuta is called such as thing is that Kuta has long stretches of sandy beach. It will be hard for the first-timer to get to Kuta. A bit challenging we must say. Some tourists will likely purchase a package of tourist ticket that includes both a ferry and a bus.

However, some first-timer tourists do not want to purchase the package and insist on finding their own way to Kuta by looking for a bus on their own. This kind of thing is highly not recommended. As for the hotel, there are plenty of good and comfortable hotels in Kuta for you to stay the night and relaxing. Most of the hotels are within walking distance to restaurants, shops, and also beaches. Still cannot decide which is better Kuta or Ubud? Keep on reading. As for the food price, it also depends on where you eat the food. Whether you eat street foods or eat in the restaurant. 

Things about Ubud

Different from the busy city, Kuta, Ubud is full of traditional Bali cultures such as dance shows, concerts, and Kecak fire shows. Kecak fire show is the most favorite show in Ubud. This show tells an old legendary story which is reenacted by a huge group of more than 40 men chanting and the horseman dances on fire with bare feet.

Not only that but most locals in Ubud have houses with a central square, gardens, a temple, and Balinese fabrics and sculptures. Every day, the locals or Hindu people will make offerings of rice and light incense and put them in certain places of their houses. So, have you decided which is better Kuta or Ubud?

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