Which is Better Seminyak or Kuta

Beaches in Bali are the perfect places to have good holiday memories. Travelers around the world already proved it. The setting of all the beaches and other places are just right for long or short time of holiday. There are two famous places in Bali that travelers recommend both as the good places to visit. But, between the two, which one is the best? Here are comparisons between Kuta and Seminyak from the three same aspects.

Major Reasons To Visit Kuta

  • Beach

This city is famous with its busiest beach. Beach in Kuta is never quiet. Cheap budget might still be good because it doesn’t need a lot of money to enter to the beach or order some food there. Patience is something that you have to carry; everything in Kuta must be awaited in line. But once you set in Kuta beach, maybe you want stay there all day long to watch the morning waves, afternoon crowd that makes the beach colorful with tourists’ bags and witness the beautiful sunset.

  • Eateries And Bars

The high amounts of tourists make the place need to serve more for hungry bellies. Jumble of eatery, chain restaurants, cafes are available here. If your tummy asks for a quick bite, Kuta is the king of that. Let’s say pizza, hamburger, fried chicken and sandwiches are easy to find here. All the eateries and cafes serve food and beverages in a reasonable price.

  • Shopping 

Kuta is the paradise of shopping. Beachwear and all the cute things are here. They also sell surfing gear if you want to buy one. Along the Kuta Street, you will find shops in every spot along your foot step. All the things are in low prices. If you have enough time, you could select and hunt the good thing with cheap price. But you have to bargain because sometimes the sellers make up the price. The street is narrow with the high amount of the shops so before you come here, prepare your energy. 

Major Reasons To Visit Seminyak

  • Beach

Seminyak is also known as the Kuta twin sister. But Seminyak is a little quieter than Kuta. The beaches in Seminyak are also as large as Kuta beaches. The good thing is that the beaches in Seminyak are cleaner. Its maybe because of the less crowd so as far as the eyes see, not too many people to look at, just the sea, the sand and the sky.

  • Eateries And Bars

Seminyak is upscale version of Kuta. The eateries are more like special cuisines rather than a quick bite. Certainly, it costs higher. The foods foreground the taste and the design, so if you have hobby in food blogging, culinary in Seminyak can be one of your choices. 

  • Shopping 

The premium beach wears are easily found here. Here you can have the calm shopping experience because you don’t need to bargain. Most prices come in fixed prices.

Those are the reasons on visiting Kuta and Seminyak. Between the two places, it is so hard to consider which one is the best. All is just based on what you want and what you need. If you want to enjoy crowd, come to Kuta and otherwise. Besides, Seminyak and Kuta are just 15 minutes away. If you want an opposite experience, just visit the other.


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