Where Should I Stay In Canggu?

Where I should stay in Canggu? That might be the first question come up into your mind when visiting the region for the first time. Well, worry no more. There will be a large selection of hotels you can choose to stay in Canggu, even with only a small budget. Here are the top 3 hotels on a budget to stay on your next holiday in Canggu. 

#1. Clandestino

This hotel is located just nearby Batu Bolong Beach. This is one of the best hotels you can pick on your stay in Canggu. Clandestino is a brand new hotel with excellent services offered to the guests. It provides comfort for everyone comes to stay in Batu Bolong.

The location is also a short distance from the beach. It offers private accommodations for the visitors, includes two rooms completed with king-sized beds. It has a large area for you and your family to spend a great time together. The facilities offered include a stunning swimming pool, kids club, fitness center, Wi-Fi connection, and more. Just like most hotels and homestays in Canggu, Clandestino is perfect for on-budget tourists.  Click here to book with

#2. Zen Rooms Hotel

So, where I should stay in Canggu? Well, Zen Rooms Hotel is one of the best hotels with the best price in the area to stay. The hotel also offers a peaceful setting and incredible views for the visitors. Being located in Batu Bolong, the hotel is also close to Pererenan and Seminyak. So, if you question yourself “what is there to do in Canggu Bali?” Well, the Zen Rooms Hotel will offer you plenty of options. You will find stunning natural scenery, a thriving surf scene, and tasty foods in Pererenan. Meanwhile, you can soak yourself in beautiful beaches for the whole day and then go to the lively beach clubs around Seminyak. Click here to book with

#3. The Rinaya Canggu

This is another hotel in Canggu with low price. However, the services offered are unbeatable. The Rinaya Hotel is located nearby stunning beaches of Canggu. You only need to take a short walk to the beaches from the hotel.

In this way, the hotel will be an ideal option to start if you want to explore the region. There will be a swimming pool and you can relax on the terrace which overlooks to the Canggu’s beaches. So, if your question is, “where I should stay in Canggu?” Well, search no more. This Rinaya Canggu can be one of the best options to take.  Click here to book with


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