What Can You Do in Ubud for a Day

“What Can I do in Ubud for a day?” A friend of my sister ask me that question while we planed to leave Denpasar about a month ago. Since he has bought the tomorrow ticket to his hometown in Japan, I suggest him to forget visiting Ubud or he will loosing his ticket. A day is never enough in Ubud.

Ubud is a little district under Gianyar Regency, the regency that famous of it’s cultural tourism. We just need about an hour from Denpasar to Ubud but the beauty of it’s nature and tourism attractions will trapped us forever. These are several activities that you could do in Ubud.

  1. Enjoying the scenery. Ubud is known of it’s beautiful scenery and friendly climate. The mountain slope with terraced paddy field has became the icon of Ubud long time before Michael Jordan became the icon of Nike. There are also two rivers crossing that area with beautiful and challenging stream. I believe you would order your driver to stop the vehicle and spent hours to watch the farmers working on their paddy field.
  2. Visiting Museum. There are a lot of Museum built around Ubud. Most of them are the art museum. From these places we could learn about the history of Ubud’s art and it’s distinguishes with other art in Indonesia or Bali particulary. The museum that will warmly welcomed you are The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Puri Lukisan Museum, Komaneka Museum, Agung Rai Museum, etc.
  3. Visiting Temples. Most Balinesse, including Ubud’s residents are professed Hindu. They are occasionally visiting temple to pray. They also held cultural and religiion ceremony in temples. Most of them held daily or weekly, but several of them held yearly. You can watch those ceremonies or get involved if lucky. Just remember since the ceremonies are sacred you have to honour the rules including the wardrobe you wear.
  4. Visiting Palaces. Since along time ago Ubud known as resting place. The noble of ancient Bali’s kingdom built palaces in Ubud area.  Several of them still exist in Ubud until recently, but the most famous one is Puri Saren Agung or Ubud Palace. This is the largest palace in Ubud and one of the oldest palace in Bali. Almost every night there are traditional dance shows for the visitors such as Legong Dance and Ramayana Ballet.
  5. Shopping. Of course this is the most important thing you should do when visiting the remarkable area. In Ubud the most recommended things to buy is handicraft and painting. You can buy it from the artists in their villages such as Ubud, Mas, and Peliatan or you can stop by in galleries that exist along the road side. Since you have only a day in Ubud, I suggested you to visit Ubud Art Market. This market is a one stop art shopping place that sold almost every handycraft that made in villages.

Recently I heard my sister’s friend give his ticket up because he decided to stay much longer in Ubud, but it’s worthed.


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