What To Pack Before Traveling to Bali

One thing you need to prepare well before spending a holiday in Bali is the clothes. It seems that you want to bring all of your favorite clothes but it is not necessary to do. So, before you pack all your clothes, check the list of the clothes you have to pack in your bag before spending time in Bali.


If you want to spend most of your time on the beach, it means you need to bring tops. Wearing tank tops keep you comfortable in the hot weather in Bali. Moreover, you can do sunbathing maximally without feeling exhausted. It is better to bring tank tops made of cotton because this material is one of the most comfortable fabric on the hot weather. Moreover, you also need to choose a color which reflects the sun. Tank tops are also easy to mix and match in which you can mix it with blouse if you just want to take a walk. You may also mix it with a long sleeve top so you can cover up your body from the sun. Because you want to spend most of your days on a beach, you may bring around 2 to 5 tank tops.


Water seems to be an enchanting thing in Bali. There are a lot of beautiful beaches as well as villas with a private swimming pool. If you don’t want to miss a swimming experience in Bali, you must bring your favorite swimsuit. It is better to bring a simple swimsuit so you can move easily while swimming. A simple to wear swimsuit makes you more comfortable and enjoy all activities.


You also have to bring pants. Just all types of clothes mentioned earlier, just choose the simple and comfortable one. Denim is one of the best examples of a comfortable pant you can wear while spending time in Bali. Later, you can wear it with tank tops or a long sleeve. For those who want to explore temples in Bali, just don’t forget to bring pants below the knee.


You still have to bring a dress and you can wear it while spending time in the room or going to a specific place for dinner. In this case, you can bring 2 or 3 maxi dresses because it is flexible enough. You can wear it with pants. You need to bring more than one dress whether for day and evening.

The point, you just need to think about the type of activity you will do in Bali. Then, pack only the simplest and the most comfortable clothes.


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