Bali Travel Tips: A Complete Guide to Explore the Island

Before going to visit Bali, it is important to know and list what to bring to Bali in the first place. This island is very popular among tourists both local and foreign. Local tourists may have understood things to do and not to do when they are in Bali. On the other hand, a foreigner might need a guide to take it through considering the culture is different. Bali, however, is not as tight as other places in Indonesia such as you may find in Java Island. Still, there are some rules you need to read in the first place and follow once you are in Bali.

Just like visiting any other country, you need to make a list of what to bring because it will determine how many things that will end up in your suitcase. Basically, you will not need much for this strip. Meanwhile, if you forgot something then you can buy it in the local store anyway. Anything you need to know will be explained through this article after all. So, keep reading.

What to wear in Bali

You are allowed to wear skimpy beach attire when you are at the beach. However, it is advisable to wear and dress conservatively. Mostly, you need to cover your shoulders and knees especially when you are at the Hindu temples, sacred venues, or when you are walking around small villages. As we have mentioned earlier, beach attire is only allowed when you are at the beach. Before you step on the sand then you better cover your body in the first place.

Pandawa Beach

Bali and other islands in Indonesia have a tropical climate. You do not need to worry about being cold while on this island. It is better to bring some light cotton clothing and quick-dry garments as well. Jeans are fine but you may not like them in a certain circumstance. Just watch out when you hang your clothes unless you want those get stolen. Basically, you can buy clothes later if you do not want to bring much in your luggage.

When it comes to footwear, you may want to rely on a pair of flip-flops. A pair of comfortable sneakers will help if you want to walk and explore the city or villages. Some restaurants, bars, and temples may ask you to leave your footwear at the door. This is why you may want to wear flip-flops, mostly. When it comes to what to bring to Bali, you also need to include a pair of proper hiking shoes if you have hiking agenda. Other than that, some restaurants will make a strict policy of not wearing flip-flops if you want to get inside the property.

Budget and currency

When it comes to the budget and currency, you need to keep in mind that Indonesia uses IDR on every transaction. Some places in Bali may accept your dollars anyway. However, price in USD would be pricier compared to if you use the IDR money. In order to avoid scams, you better exchange your money into IDR before you leave your country or once you have arrived at the airport. You will find a few money changers at the airport or you can go directly to local banks.

Basically, traveling and staying in Indonesia gives you options for very cheap and very expensive accommodations after all. You can get a luxury villa for less than USD 100 per night. Other than that, you will get some nice accommodations by paying less than USD 30. In fact, you can spend up to USD 35 per day traveling around Bali as well as the accommodation cost. Everything is cheap in Indonesia. You will feel like a crazy-rich person if you have your dollars for sure.

Related to documents, you need to at least make two copies of passport, insurance papers, any check, and other important documents for your trip. You may also not want to bring them in one purse. Other than that, do not forget to bring passport-sized photos in case you need to apply for other types of visas. In case your passport got stolen, the replacement process will be easier and faster if you have a copy of it along with your birth certificate.

Language in Bali

The good news is that almost all people in Bali can speak English especially in tourist areas like Seminyak, Ubud, and Canggu. However, the rate of English-speaking people will get lower once you travel to a remote area. Still, people who work in the hospitality and tourism industries will always be able to speak English.

Indonesian will speak Bahasa Indonesia after all, considering there are more than 300 native dialects. So, it will be much better if you learn a thing or two so you can communicate better with them. For example, you can use “Selamat pagi” instead of “good morning”, “Terima Kasih” instead of “thank you”, “Bagus” instead of “cool”, and so on. You can also start to learn about counting one to ten. It will be a huge help for you because local people would consider you as brother or sister if you can speak their language.

Other things to prepare in Bali

Bali has a lot of festivals and celebrations year round. Ramadan (which counts in Hijriyah calendar) will make a lot of shops and restaurants closed during the afternoon. You can book accommodation and transportation during these months. Nyepi is Balinese New Year and you will be asked to not doing things during this day. Nyepi counts in Balinese calendar.

Coverage Telkomsel

Do not forget to alter your SIM card to the local one and you can purchase it at the airport. There are internet packages you can choose and Telkomsel might be the best option compared to other brand names. However, this brand is considered pricier than other brands as well. If you are into alcoholic drinks, you can purchase it in the local stores. We highly recommend you to stay away from local arak because many stalls fuse it with other chemicals that would cause further harm to your body.


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