Incredible Islands around Bali Worth to Visit

Bali is beautiful indeed but undeniably, it is getting too crowded nowadays due to its popularity. Therefore, if are in this island already and you need a place to escape, it is not bad to visit some small islands around. Yes, there are some tiny islands that are not too far from Bali but they offer quieter and more calming situations. What are the islands and the activities to do there? Here they are.

Nusa Penida

If you are bored with those popular and commercialized beaches, you can just go to Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida has many hidden beaches that are still clean and rarely visited and explored by people. Besides, the island is also known as the heaven of various types of bird. Some endangered birds can still be found here flying here and there. In the island also, there is Giri Putri Cave that is really sacred for Hindu people. The view inside the cave is incredible along with its stalactite and stalagmite.

Nusa Lembongan

The condition of Nusa Lembongan is very similar to Bali but it is just less crowded. Yes, there are still hotels, other accommodations, tourist attractions but the situations are quieter. This small island is surrounded by clear and beautiful beaches. If you want to enjoy different experiences, you can explore the mangrove forest using a small boat. There is a tour guide so that you don’t need to worry. To get there, you can start the trip from Sanur Beach or Benoa Harbor using the fast boat. With the fast boat, it can be passed through faster for around 30 minutes.

Nusa Ceningan

Different from other islands that only be reached using a boat, to go to Nusa Ceningan, there is a bridge from Nusa Lembongan. Well, Nusa Ceningan is undoubtedly beautiful but unfortunately, many travelers just often miss this one out. The most famous spot in Nusa Ceningan is the Blue Lagoon. There is a jumping cliff with a height of around 12 meters above the sea level. However, the spot is often closed for visitors at a particular time due to the dangerous wave in particular times.

Lombok Island

If you have been in Bali and there is still the remaining time, it seems you need to visit Lombok also. Lombok is not included in Bali province indeed but the location is not too far. There are so many stunning tourist spots in this area. They are including Mount Rinjani, Senggigi Beach, and Pink Beach.


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