What is there to do in Sanur Bali?

What is there to do in Sanur Bali? Well, you better not underestimate this place because Sanur offers some kinds of fun that you will never find in other places even in Bali. Sanur is known for its chill and laid-back atmosphere.

Other than that, here you will find several beaches and some stunning sunrises if you wake up early enough. If you are into museum trips then Sanur will give a perfect date for you. More than anything, this district is suitable for those who want to enjoy the beaches and eat seafood at night.

Admiring the Blanjong stone

Tourists also call it the Blanjong Pillar. Other than the thing to do in Tabanan, you can also admire the historical artifact in Sanur. It is a stone inscription from the 914 AD. The text has not been translated considering it is in Sanskrit and ancient Balinese. The stone is located in front of Pura Belanjong.

Grab some gelato

What is there to do in Sanur Bali? You can grab a couple of gelatos from Massimo. This place is a must-visit place in Sanur, located in Jalan Danau Tamblingan. The eatery is well designed at a leafy Balinese courtyard. This sweet treat is essential after a walk around the district.

Walk along the promenade

The good thing about Sanur is that you can go for a jog at some free beaches. There is a paved walkway on the left and right you may see the calm wave of the sea. It is fun and enjoyable to take a walk or stroll on a bike along the paved road. Some cafes are also there to serve your refreshments.

Go to the Le Mayeur Museum

This museum was formerly the home of Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, a Belgian expatriate. He lived in this place until 1958. The house was transformed into a museum after he died and you will find a lot of paintings about his wife, Ni Wayan Polik Tjoeglik, a Balinese dancer. The house is still like how it was when Le Mayeur still lived there.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur
Address: Jl. Danau Tamblingan No.136 A , Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, 80228
Rooms starting at: $45+

Sunbathing at Pantai Indah

According to locals, Pantai Indah is the best one in Sanur. Located in the center of Sanur, this beach will spoil you who love to sunbathe. The beach is also safe for swimming. After that, you can grab some beers or fresh coconut from stalls near the beach. And this is the end section of “what is there to do in Sanur Bali”.

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