Bali Beaches: Which is better Sanur or Seminyak?

Most people are frequently asking the same question of “Which is better Sanur or Seminyak?“ over and over prior coming directly to Bali. Bali is known popularly as Paradise Island in people’s minds because it has many beautiful beaches. Bali is a perfect place for holiday. You can have a quality time with your partner in Bali.

Where do couples go in Bali? Well, Bali beaches are common option for relaxing in Bali. There are many beaches options for tourists. Two examples of some of the most popular beaches in Bali are Sanur beach and Seminyak beach. Sanur beach is located in Southeast part of Bali. It is 30 minutes’ drive from the airport.

Meanwhile Seminyak beach is near Legian Beach. It is in the northern area. These two beaches offer different beach experience for tourists. To help you decide which beach for your next travel stop, we provide you some information about these two beaches in detail. Let’s check the following discussion:

  • Sanur beach is the small scale of Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach has a lot to offer. There are many fancy restaurants or cafes, and great boutique and fabulous shopping. For first time visitor, they prefer to come to Seminyak Beach. People can still similar facilities in Sanur beach.

However it is cheaper than Seminyak Beach. You can enjoy paved boardwalk along Sanur beach. Sanur Beach has night market and some restaurants along the beach. Sanur beach is the best place for relaxing with family. As for Seminyak Beach, it is fairly urban area. 

  • Sanur has more beautiful beach view than Seminyak Beach

Which is better Sanur or Seminyak? In term of view, Sanur beach has more amazing sunset and sunrise than Seminyak Beach. Sanur has the best beach area. The climate in Sanur is cooler than in Seminyak beach. There is a 100 m reef offshore to protect the beach. Sanur beach is likely to lagoon with calm water. 

  • Seminyak beach is more crowded than Sanur beach in most of time

There are lots of tourists come to Seminyak beach. Thus, the traffic there is bad. You can go to Sanur beach for quieter zone. You can enjoy quiet in Sanur Beach with fantastic beach view. It is more family oriented. 

A small debate arises among tourists in the internet discussing which beach is the best to visit between Sanur beach and Seminyak beach. From the explanation above Sanur beach is the answer for this which is better Sanur or Seminyak? question. 


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