What can I buy in Sanur?

Bali is one of the most visited Island in Indonesia. Therefore, there are a lot of things that you could do while visiting Bali. One of must visited place in Bali is Sanur. Most importantly, Sanur offers a quieter atmosphere for visitors.

Many visitors are here for the peaceful atmosphere and beaches that are friendly for children. Therefore, don’t forget to add visiting Sanur to your list of thing to do in Tabanan. Apart from visiting the beach you could do some other popular activities to do in Sanur and shopping is one of the most favourite among them all.

You don’t have to ask question such as what can I buy in Sanur? Because you could buy everything there. Here are some things to buy in Sanur that you could use as references. 

Sea pearl

For you who are pearls lovers you should definitely visit Atlas South Sea Pearl to buy some of their pearl collection. Atlas South sea Pearl is one of the most well-known pearl producers and jewellers especially for white and golden cultured pearls in Sanur and Bali in general.

Here you could buy many kind of pearls such as silver, white, and of course the infamous south sea gold. Here you could cherish a massive collection of pearl jewellery that are crafted by international designers who expertly combine the pearls with 18 carat gold and also sterling silver. Don’t worry though, when you buy the pearls you will get an authenticity certificate. 

Balinese Heritage Textile 

Because you keep asking things like what can I buy in Sanur? Well, then you can’t miss out your chance to buy Balinese heritage textile. To get this textile and artisanal products you should come to Nogo Bali Ikat center. Here you could by fashion items that are made of hand-woven fabrics that are exotic, versatile and of course elegant. Here you could buy a piece of batik Bali, T-shirt, shirt with so many motifs and vibrant colors and also many kinds of accessories and souvenirs. 

Bali Artisanal Products 

While you are in Sanur you better be bought some of their artisanal products that are original and elegant. You could buy many items start from traditional batik that could you use as backdrop to give you a chic living room, to tables and vases that are made of bamboos dyed in vibrant and rich colours.

Furthermore, you could also buy a printed textile as well as woven bags and basket in numerous shape and size.  If you like to have accessories that are made of seashells Sanur is the perfect place to hunt them. All in all, in Sanur you could buy a lot of things for souvenirs or gifts. Well, now you don’t have to ask what can I buy in Sanur? anymore because I already give you plenty recommendation for you.

Artotel Sanur – Bali
Address: Jalan Kusuma Sari, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
Rooms starting at: $110+

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