Is Sanur Expensive?

As we all know that Sanur is one of must visited place when we are in Bali. Sanur offers quieter chunk of the Island where many visitors come here to look for peaceful atmosphere and beach friendly child for their kids. Therefore, don’t forget to add Sanur to your list of thing to do in Tabanan. In Sanur you could do a lot of things like stroll along the beaches, do shopping spree and et cetera.

However, plenty of people are asking question like is Sanur expensive? Actually, to answer such question is really difficult because expensive or not some places are really depending in your budget. 

Place to Stay 

To determine whether or not Sanur is expensive is depending on what kind of place that you are staying at. When you are staying on the five star hotels then most likely living in Sanur will be expensive because in 5 star hotels you will be given a top services. Apart from that, you will be enjoying a full service with a great service.

Artotel Sanur – Bali
Address: Jalan Kusuma Sari, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
Rooms starting at: $110+

Moreover, it is safe to say that you are living a luxurious life in 5 star hotels. However, if you are tourist from a wealthy country living in 5 star hotels in Sanur still is cheaper than in your own home. Then again, if you want to stay on the safe side and consider Sanur is on the cheap side you better be staying on three-star places that are homey and comfortable to be staying at. 

Place to eat 

The next thing that you could use to determine whether or not is Sanur expensive? is coming from the place that you eat at. If you are eating on the decent restaurant that serve a decent food then pf course Sanur will be a cheap place.

However, when you are eating on 5-star restaurants with a great services, most likely Sanur will be an expensive place to stay. Apart from that, where you come from also hold an important part to determine this issue. When you are coming from UK or US then the costs of living in Sanur are way cheaper from your home. 


Another thing that could you use to answer your question of is Sanur expensive? is coming from the drinks. Well, when you are coming from overseas or let say UK or US then the price of drinks in Sanur is fairly expensive.

However, the most expensive drinks here in Sanur is wine. Therefore, if you want to get drink that in the cheaper side you could just drink beers. All in all, to determine Sanur is expansive place or not is depending on so many factors some of them are what kind of place that you choose to stay at, what kind of place that you choose to eat, and what kind of drinks that you prefer to have.

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