Thing to do in Bali for Couple

Bali is an island that is the main door for tourism in Indonesia. With its natural charm and beautiful beaches and also the attitude of tolerance there makes Bali become the most visited tourist area from all over the world. Bali also has destinations that are icons of Indonesian tourism and there are many more attractions that can be found there.

Beautiful beaches like Kuta beach and also very interesting religious rituals to watch. Bali is also the busiest area in terms of tourism and makes its economy rise in the tourism sector. Tourists there are also various kinds of origin, some from abroad and some from within the country.

Tourists who come also come from various groups, there are themselves, families and also couples. Going to Bali while being alone with your partner is a very pleasant thing because Bali is a very romantic city. Many places are highly recommended in Bali, then Where do couples go in Bali? here are some tourism destinations for both with your partner.

Seminyak Bali

Seminyak is an area in Bali which is the main place for couples to walk to enjoy the charm of Bali. What is there to do in Bali Seminyak at night? Many things can be done there. Nightlife in Seminyak Bali launches a very sophisticated bar, then there is a very lively and exciting entertainment venue.

Seminyak also offers a number of interesting places such as luxury spas in classy hotels and good quality restaurants. Which is better Sanur or Seminyak? Seminyak tends to be more classy when compared to Kuta and Sanur. The lounges and clubs in Seminyak have a very elegant interior design and green seaside landscape and also a swimming pool and are covered with shaded beds and overlooking the waves.

There are also some very famous cocktails such as martini, wine, champagne, and vodka. Seminyak is the right place to go together with your partner. Many things can be found there.

Ubud with its beautiful panorama

Who does not know Ubud, an area with natural charm and incredible views? The atmosphere of the village with the shape of a nice rice field and neatly arranged makes this place increasingly popular and increasingly attractive to tourists from foreign countries. Where can I walk around Ubud?.

In Ubud you can see many tourist sites of Hindu temples in Bali and also the magnificent royal palace. The beauty of nature here is a feature of tourism in Ubud such as the green hillside, terraced rice fields, and also the river which is still natural and fresh. The Ubud area also has many talented artists and can be said to be the cultural and artistic center in Bali. For painting, sculpture, sculpture, dance and traditional Balinese music all exist in Ubud as the center.

For housing problems or restaurants, you don’t need to worry because there are also many classy accommodation facilities in Ubud, from cheap hotels to luxury resorts, all here. The restaurant here is also a recommended place in Ubud and is no less interesting than in Seminyak Bali.

Kuta, Beach of Paradise

Where do Couples go in bali? the next answer is Kuta. Kuta is a destination with a very famous beach. The beach here has a very beautiful place and many foreign and domestic tourists walk around and enjoy the atmosphere together in Kuta Bali.

The main attraction of tourist attractions in Kuta is the stretch of clean white sand beach with waves that are suitable for surfing and seeing its beautiful sunset views in Kuta Bali. There are also surfboard rental services and courses for surfing to enjoy the good waves in Kuta.

Kuta also offers a place to stay and there are many hotels located close to the beaches of Kuta Bali. Finding places to eat around the attractions of Kuta is also very easy because there are so many very good restaurants there. Kuta is perfect for couples who want to have a vacation in Bali.

Sanur Beach, Panorama Pantai yang romantic

Sanur Beach is one of the first resort areas in Bali. Sanur’s coastline stretches wide by some of the island’s oldest hotels and resorts. The Sanur coastline stretches for about 8 km from north to south. Here you can also enjoy some of Sanur’s famous beaches connected by paved paths there. This road provides jogging and cycling routes which are very beautiful.

Many areas around Sanur are very popular for diving and snorkeling because of its great location, abundant marine life, and healthy coral. Surfing can be a challenge since there are a lot of surfers there , but the waves are nice. There are some white sand beaches away from the main centers which are almost never crowded. As the first tourism destination to develop in Bali, Sanur has several historic Balis hotels.

There are many restaurants and cafes along the coastline. For frugal food, you can also walk in the night market located at the north end of Jalan Danau Tamblingan. Which is better Sanur or Seminyak? I think both are good but here for destinations that have a lot of history it is actually Sanur which is highly recommended. Because the destination here has a variety of historical spots that we can meet and we can capture in photos and can enjoy the beauty with a partner.

Don’t forget also for a fun experience that is enjoying a Sea Walker or a safe and exciting underwater adventure. Instead of swimming you can enjoy it with a dry body and can see a lot of exotic fish in marine life that we can find. Sanur is also one of the most visited tourist spots and there are many things we can see and enjoy there. The place is very friendly when there are migrants.

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Where do Couples go in Bali? that’s a couple destination that is highly recommended. Many things can be explored from this place and many things that can be enjoyed and make our minds fresh. Bali is indeed a very fitting place to travel with a partner.

Once again do not miss these four places if you do not want to regret. The destinations here are very beautiful and Bali is indeed a paradise for tourism in Indonesia.

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