The Best Water Activities in Seminyak

Seminyak is a location in Bali that is considered as a sub district. It is under Badung Regency. Seminyak sounds so popular, beside of Bali itself, because it has a strategic site. About two popular places (Canggu and Kuta) flank Seminyak in the middle makes easier to go to those place if you stay in Seminyak.

Besides, the distance from Bali’s airport is not too far to reach. It’s only 30 minutes on the road. The frequently asked question next is that what we can do in Seminyak. Well, for you who are water sport lovers, check the followings.


Surfing is well known to be lovable sport in beach. Manwhile, Bali is very famous with the good waves for surfing. In Seminyak, the wave is just perfect for you to surf. If you are about to learn how to surf, this place is still good for you. The wave is not so big but not too small though. It is suitable for beginner or new learner and a little higher than that, intermediate. For expert, maybe you want to try the other beaches to get more challenging waves. Around the beach, there are surf board rentals so you don’t have to bring your own board long way from your country.


Feel the water in Seminyak. It is really great and fresh. It must be a dreamy time to swim in the paradise island. However, not all swimmers are allowed to swim in Seminyak. Seminyak has an average waves that is not too high but it’s not so low either. Level of the swimmers who can swim here is just the expert. It is to keep you save.

Scuba Diving

If your adrenaline demands the more challenging sport, you could try underwater swimming. It is great too. There are good places that provide scuba diving service. Adventure Scuba Diving, Scuba Duba Doo, PT Paradise Diving, and AquaMarine Diving are the diving tour providers. If you haven’t dived underwater before, don’t worry, the guide at once a friendly instructor included. Some of them also give short course for beginners. More importantly, those providers have the sophisticated tools with good safety.


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The other water sport that you could do in a beach is parasailing. With parasailing activity, you will get some fun. You feel your adrenaline rushes because you will fly like a superman behind the boat. The other fun is you can see the panorama while you are in height. You will be attached to a parachute. That parachute is your wing that makes you go up when the boat start its machine.

Jet Skiing

You want to see around the sea without hesitation? Try jet skiing. With solo speedboat, you can ride fast like inland motorbike. One Jet Ski can accommodate 2 passengers. But there is always offender that invites more than two people in one boat. For your safety, don’t invite too many people in one boat. Also, the machine works harder if the load is over. 

The five water sports are available in Seminyak. You could try all one by one. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you.


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