Petitenget Beach

Petitenget Beach is a recommended tourist spot in Bali. You can enjoy the waves and wind on this beach. It gives a different sensation when you visit this beach. It has a distinct uniqueness than the others. It has the same coastal line with Legian Beach and Kuta Beach so that it has the same characteristic as white sand and slope beach. 

An Incredible View in Petitenget Beach 

There are some reasons for visiting this beach. One of the reasons is the waves. It is suitable for surfers in doing their hobbies. The fishermen’s activities with ships become a common view of this beach. At night, the fishermen are searching fishes with the ship and net to catch the fishes. In the morning, they are back to the sea to get the fishes.

This beach is relatively quiet from the tourists. It is appropriate for the tourists loving a calm situation to visit this beach. It offers a beautiful view when the sunset comes. 

The Location of Petitenget Beach 

Petitenget Beach is a recommended beach for kid friendly Bali beach club. It is located in the west of Bali making it become the best location to see a sunset in Bali. Most of the tourists visiting the beach area to see a sunset. The visitors will start to come at 05.00 pm. If you select to stay in the hotel close to Petitinget Beach, you can see a sunset view from your hotel room.

The beach is full of tourists seeing the sunset view. The view is very beautiful making you amazed. The sunset view in Petitenget Beach is more beautiful than seeing the view in Seminyak Beach because the sun looks bigger. 

Activities to Do in Petitenget Beach 

The tourist’s activities to Petitenget Beach can be conducted such as bathing, jogging, walking around the beach, and relaxing on the beach while waiting for the sunset. Besides, the Petitenget Beach area is very calm and quiet so that it is right for refreshing your mind. It enables you to sit relaxing by seeing a sunset view. With the grey sand, you can see and make it have a space for accommodating the crowd.

The waves in Petitenget Beach are relatively big so that it is more suitable for water sports. You can ride a horse when visiting this beach. For beginners, you will find more choices for water sports such as jet ski, parasailing adventure, and a rolling donut in Petitenget Beach. 


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