What is The Best Time to Visit Ubud

Bali, the paradise island, always has something interesting to explore. Ubud is one of the locations in Bali that has all the charming and deserves world’s attention. Ubud is sited under Gianyar regency. It hits the popularity because of the nature view around this area. There are green fields, ravines, and all the nature view that makes Ubud is so lovely. Moreover, Ubud has the very strong culture and art that compared to the other cities, Ubud is the richest. There are art galleries located in Ubud, painting centers, dance and musical performances. Ubud is a lovely place to visit in Bali, to get the best time in Ubud, take a look at the Ubud’s weather condition in one year so you can choose the right time to go.

The Weather In Ubud In General

When the wet season comes, Ubud becomes overcast. When the dry season comes, Ubud area becomes cloudy and a little bit oppressive. The temperature in the dry season might be hot. That hot temperature does not happen only in the dry season, but almost the whole year, Ubud is dominant with hot temperature with 72o F to 88o F.

The Ubud’s Cloud

The clouds in Ubud cover the sky with various seasons. Sometimes it becomes so dark and otherwise. You will see the pretty clear sky in the beginning of May. Usually it will last for 5 months. 5 months from May makes the end of October to be the end of the clearest sky in Ubud. It is ended usually around October 22. Among the interval time, August 14 is the clearest day. If the cloud comes it will cover the sky maximum 52% of the time. 

While the dark day or the cloudy day starts from the end of the clear day (October 22). It is not like the clear day that only lasts for 5 months, the cloudy days lasts a little longer that is 6 months. The end of the cloudy days is the beginning of the clear day (beginning of May, around May 2). The darkest day or the cloudiest day happens on the middle of January (around 20). 90% at the time is covered with cloud with only 10% of chance to be clear.

The Temperature In Ubud

Although the season is changed one time in a year (because there are just two season in Indonesia), the temperature in Ubud does not change so much in general. But, in that static alternation, the temperature changed hourly. Among the degrees of the weather temperature, they are frigid (15o F), freezing (15o F – 32o F), very cold (32o F – 45o F), cold (45o F – 55o F), cool (55o F – 65o F), comfortable (65o F – 75o F), warm (75o F – 85o F), hot (85o F – 95o F) and sweltering (95o F- up ), only comfortable, warm and hot that happen in Ubud.

In March, April and May, every 4 Am- 8 Am comfortable temperature comes. From 12 PM – 4 PM it is hot. In June, July and August, every 12 AM 8 AM it is comfortable. In September, October and November, every 12 AM – 8 AM it is comfortable, 12 PM – 6 PM it is hot. In December, hot temperature begins at 1 PM- 4 PM. The rest of the times mentioned above are in warm temperature.

The Ubud’s Precipitation

Wet day in Ubud can cause at least 1 mm of liquid precipitation. The frequency of the wet days in Ubud is various in a year. It is because Indonesia in a tropical country. Even in dry season, rain could still come anyway only not much. The wetter time comes during 4 months (almost 5 months) that is 10th of November – 6th of April. The wettest day is on 20th of January with 61% of precipitation. Meanwhile, the dry day lasts longer that is around 7 months (a little bit more). It is from 6th of April to the beginning of wet days (November 10).

The Sun

In Ubud, and generally in Indonesia, the duration of the day and night do not vary significantly. Again, it is because of the tropical climate. The sun is sometimes covered by the cloud or overcast but basically it is a day. The forecast approximate the longest day will be in 22nd of December 2019 (with daylight duration: 12 hours and 37 minutes) and the shortest day already happened in 21st of June 2019 with daylight duration 11 hours and 38 minutes.

The sun rises at the earliest morning in 16th of November (5:48 AM). The latest rise is 6:34 AM and already happened in 26th of May. While the sunset, the earliest one was on 26th of May at 6:06 PM, and the latest was 29th of January (6:46 PM).

The Water Temperature In Ubud

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The peripheral area of Ubud has large water sources (lake, sea). That makes the water has variation in temperature. The warmer water happens for 6 months that is 13th of November – 15th of May. The temperature is around 83o F and above. The warmest is in 27th of March (84o F). Go to the cool category, the cool temperature happens from 11th of July – 28th of September (around 80o F and below). The coolest water temperature happens on 20th of August with 80oF).

The Best And The Most Comfortable Time To Visit

From the whole information above, it can be concluded that the most comfortable time to visit is the middle of June until the middle of September. It is the greatest time for outdoor activity where the temperature is comfortable (65o F to 80o F) with no frequently rain falls. Another best time is that the day without rain, with hot weather so you can do hot weather activities just like those of summer activities. It runs from the middle of May to the beginning of October. The top grade goes to the August, on the second week.

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