Cool Coffee Shops For Hanging Out In Ubud

Are you a fan of coffee? And so are the most people out there. When visiting Ubud, you have plenty of times to spend there. Don’t miss your hobby in sipping a good coffee while in vacation because Ubud also has astonishing places with wonderful coffee taste. It varies from the small place to the biggest one. The followings are the cafes based on the people choice (known from the highest rating).

  • Monkey Cave Espresso (Monkey Forest Street)

This place is a fine place with small size building. Many people choose this place to be their favorite to sip a cup of good coffee. Feeling good is the only feeling that left after taste the coffee. The baristas also give the positive energy. This place serves food too but when you go there in the afternoon, the food is not ready. So if you are a coffee addict, you can hangout here to have a great coffee.

  • Kahiyang Coffee (Kajeng Street)

This place has a unique view. The most noticeable thing is that the floor is like that of chess board. It is actually the Balinese particular pattern, black and white. Kahiyang coffee serves coffee with small transparent glass.

  • Ibu Susu (Monkey Forest Street)

This place is just across the Monkey Cave Espresso. The special thing of this place is that the food is wonderful too. If you demand for a good coffee but your tummy ask for something too, this is the perfect place.

  • F.R.E.A.K Coffee (No. 9, Hanoman Street)

The name is probably weird. That is what makes people curious. The word actually is an abbreviation. F for Fresh, R for Roasted, E for Enak (enak is Indonesian word for ‘delicious’), A for Arabica and K for Kintamani. The location is just nearby the town highway with open space. You can enjoy the traffic while enjoy the coffee.

  • Milk And Madu (No. 3, Suweta Street)

If you are with a group of people, go to Milk and Madu to enjoy the coffee because this place is commodious. Also, you can enjoy the food. They serve breakfast. The earliest food will be served at 7 AM daily. Good pizza is also served here.

  • Seniman Coffee Studio (No. 5, Sriwedari Street)

This is the first coffee artisan. This place is known as the pioneer of the coffee business in Ubud. It is quite famous because when people ask about coffee shop, 60% people mention this place.

  • Juria House (No. 3, Sugriwa Street)

Juria house does not serve the coffee with machine. The whole process is manual! The taste is not deniable. It has strong taste because the coffee is from Flores. Flores is famous with its great coffee. But, there are just few chairs and tables to sit. It’s only for strong coffee lovers.

  1. Revive (Penestanan)

Although Revive is a new place in Ubud, but it already gains its popularity. The place has balcony so you can enjoy the breezy wind outside. The ceiling is made from wood and bamboo. It is good to try.

  • Watercress (Monkey Forest Street)

Coffee is the main menu here, but they also serve great food. The favorite thing of Watercress is that you can sit upstairs and enjoy the scenery from above.


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