Mason Jungle Buggies Ubud – An Exciting Way to Explore the Island

Live up your adventure by starting the engine and get the wheels on off-road. Mason jungle buggies Ubud offers the new and fun way to explore Taro area. As the newest off-road adventure, the ATV track is also the only one in Bali island.

Take the challenge by riding the extreme buggies to go through the miscellaneous trail like a rally driver. The new thrilling course is spanned more than 5 km on each lap. It was crafted to fulfill what the adventure seekers want most. Experience the intense driving through the Ubud jungle.

The Mason jungle buggies are provided by Bali Adventure Tours and located in Taro, north Ubud.Finding the best hotel in Ubud Online will let you get information about this place. This area is the most perfect area to develop the track since it is the home to lush jungles, spreading rice fields, bamboo forest, and full of wildlife.

There are also some other activities you can enjoy in the same area as trekking and mountain cycling. These more leisure activities will let you witness the firsthand how locals do their daily routines. The track will present scenic hinterlands including endless plantations of coconut, palm, coffee, and tropical fruits.

Taro is also the home of the famous Mason Elephant Park and Lodge. This is a park dedicated to rescuing elephants where visitors are allowed to be personal and close with the gentle animals. The same Mason adventures are the one who designed this Mason jungle buggies Ubud. More and more thrilling seekers come and wish to taste motoring pleasure with an off-road machine.

Jungle Buggies Route

The start point of your jungle adventure is Bambu restaurant called Koko. This is a beautiful restaurant which has a stunning natural structure made of bamboo. This is where you will get a short briefing about safety and instructional video before heading out to the buggy.

Since this activity is categorized as a thrilling action, only those with fulfilled requirements are allowed to take part. If you want to drive, you have to be 18 years old or older, have a valid driver license, and enough experience in driving. The requirement to be a passenger on the tandem vehicle is to be 12 years old or older.

Direction signs and warnings are installed throughout the track. There will be barriers as well as rubber tires which are attached around some trees to provide additional safety. The gravel and limestone which are mixed properly with the dirt will allow you to drift like a professional. At the end track of Mason jungle buggies Ubud, you can enjoy the meals while relaxing yourself on an infinity pool.


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