Can You Go Inside Uluwatu Temple?

Can you go inside Uluwatu Temple? Speaking of Bali, we all know that it hosts a lot of beauties inside. Beaches, running race in Bali, traditional cultures, and even sacred temples become the main attraction in Bali. You already know about the beaches in Bali. Therefore, right now, we are going to talk about the temple in Bali.

Temples in Bali

The reason why temples in Bali becomes the main attraction is that there are so many Balinese Hindu temples there. You will see those temples anywhere you go. Due to this reason, no wonder if Bali then called as the island of thousand temples. Despite having so many temples on the island, there are only six directional temples that are considered as the main temples. One of it is Uluwatu Temple.

Being one of the six directional temples, Uluwatu Temple becomes a famous temple among travelers. One of the reasons is also due to the location of the temple. The temple is close to Bali International Airport and located on the top of the cliff bank around 100 meters above sea level.

That is why tourists love to visit Uluwatu Temple to see the sunset, seeing the Indian Ocean, Balinese Hindu architecture, traditional dance performance, ancient statues, and many more. The question is, can you go inside Uluwatu Temple?

Entrance Fee and Opening Hour

Of course, you can go to the inside of the temple. However, you must know that there is an entrance fee that you need to pay before you go inside the temple. Rest assured, the entrance fee is quite affordable. For adults, you need to pay around IDR 50,000 per person and for children, you need to pay around IDR 30,000 per child.

Meanwhile, the opening hours of the Uluwatu Temple starts from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm. But, if your purpose to come to the temple is to pray, then the temple is open 24 hours for you. There are also some public facilities at the temple, but if you are looking at public facilities like restrooms, you will not find them in the temple area.

Dress Code

The last thing that you need to know before you go inside the temple is the dress code. You will be required to wear a sarong and a scarf from your waist down. You can rent both sarong and scarf at the entrance ticket of the temple.

We hope we answer the question “can you go inside Uluwatu Temple?” and enjoy your stay in Bali!


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