Tips for Luggage and What Currency Should I Take to Bali

Holidays are one of the most desirable activities for many people. Work fatigue will pay off with a pleasant vacation. The vacation can be done in your own country or abroad. Indonesia can be said to be one of the most visited tourist destination countries. For those of you overseas citizens who are on their first vacation to Indonesia, surely you need to find the best location.

The answer is almost certainly Bali. In Bali, you will find everything. Here are tips on vacation in Bali from luggage and what currency should I take to Bali.

Put together an itinerary

The itinerary is very important for you to make, either when to Bali or other places. The itinerary will make your trip scheduled. Especially if you visit Bali, you have to arrange the itinerary well because there are so many places that are worth visiting. Make sure how long you are in Bali and don’t forget to count how long you are on the journey to Bali. Arrange what you want or what you want to find Bali or which area you want to explore in Bali.

Suppose you want to go to the beach, temple, see an art show, diving, or beach club you can all look for. For those who vacation with children, there are many kid-friendly Bali beach clubs in Bali – so you don’t need to worry.

Arranging the itinerary will also be related to the budget that you will bring. You can easily search for interesting locations in Bali via the internet. Also, many include information about the cost. So you can arrange your budget to spend time in Bali.

What items are brought?

Luggage certainly cannot be forgotten. Bring important and reasonable items. Clothing, medicines, cellphone and laptop chargers (if carrying a laptop), mini plug terminal outlets, a wallet containing enough cash and a debit or credit card, and a passport.

Holidays are fun moments so bring items in quantities that don’t bother you when you carry them or when you use them. For clothes, bring clothes that are easy to absorb lightness and thin material, which does not make you easily hot.

What currency should I take to Bali?

This question must also be asked by many of you who want to visit Bali. It should be understood that Bali is one of the provinces in the territory of Indonesia. So, the currency used in Bali is the Indonesian currency, namely Rupiah (IDR). This is also reinforced by Bank Indonesia regulations (as the Central Bank in Indonesia) which requires that transactions in Indonesia are required to use Rupiah.

If you find it difficult to exchange your currency for Rupiah in your country, you can bring your home currency (or exchange with dollars first) then exchange it for Rupiah in Bali. There are many good money changers with rates, one of them at Ngurah Rai International Airport. That’s what currency should I take to Bali.


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