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The Best Burgers in Seminyak

Who does not like burgers? Burger is one of the quick bites that can serve your starving tummy in a minute. You don’t have to wait for a long time to enjoy the delicious food. In this world, all over the countries, there are fast food chains that serve burgers. Maybe, you already eat that often in your own country. Now, it is the time to try something new in Seminyak, Bali. Try local burgers that have wonderful taste and make your tongue dancing.

  • Corner House
Corner House

This place is one of the two best burgers in Seminyak. It is score by 3 world culinary experts. They already traveled the world and found 27 best burgers. Two of them are in Bali. The thing that makes Corner House’s burger really special is the way to grill the meat burger. The meat is grilled with charcoal as the fuel. The charcoal fumes and aroma give the meat different taste from the other burgers. Along with that, cheddar cheese makes this burger more delicious and sizzling. IDR 95.000 is the price of this super delicious burger.

  • Five Monkeys

Beside Corner House, Five Monkeys also wins the best burger in the world. Five Monkeys basically serve cold beer for beverage, Philadelphian sandwich (Philly), burgers, hot dog and nachos. The burger has 4 kinds of meat: bacon, chicken, fish and beef. The burger appearance is really simple but the taste is incredible that the three burger experts could not deny it. The price is also very cheap to afford this tasty burger. You just have to pay IDR 65.000 for double cheese burger and IDR 50.000 for bacon cheese burger with barbeque sauce.

  • Wacko Burger (Number 18, Drupadi Street)
Wacko Burger (Number 18, Drupadi Street)

The special quality of this place is the portion. It serves big burger with reasonable price. This place has green field view that is relaxing. The burger bun used is gluten free. The other foods that you can choose are: barbeque, vegetarian food, American and Australian dishes. This place fixes your brunch, lunch and dinner. Great Budget-Friendly Dinner at Wacko Burger Cafe

  • Wah Wah Burger
Wah Wah Burger

‘Wah wah’ is Indonesian language for ‘wow wow’. As the name given, this restaurant serves burgers with taste that is ready to wow you. The smooth texture of the burger meat gives the different experience. The burgers that you can try are: wagyu burger (with triple cheese), pulled pork burger, and the classic burger.

  • The Butchers Club

This place serves nice burgers. As the motto of this place is ‘beers, burgers and bourbon’, The Butchers Club already proofs their good experience in serving burgers. Together with nice beer, burgers here will be perfect to accompany your day. This place also has spacious space. It will make you feel more comfortable to be in The Butchers Club.

The five restaurants that serve burgers above are the top 5 in Seminyak. Two of them, as mentioned above, are the world best burgers. To proof about the great taste they have, you should try them and tell the world about how delicious they are.


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