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Great Budget-Friendly Dinner at Wacko Burger Cafe

If you wish to enjoy Bali’s tranquility, finding the best hotel in Ubud online is the right thing to do because Ubud is the best spot to enjoy a peaceful retreat in Bali; however, if you prefer a livelier and more colorful trip, you should go southward in the isthmus region because all of Bali’s sparks can be found there. There are exciting beaches at Kuta, lively nightlife at Legian, and fancy restaurants and shops at Seminyak. And if you are in Seminyak to enjoy Bali’s colorful selection of cuisines, you should take your time to visit Wacko Burger Café.

What makes this café special? There are several unique characteristics that make every visitor to Bali tempted to eat at this place.

Its prized burger is big.

Although burger is not the only main courses that this café serves, most of its visitors and patrons visit it particularly to enjoy its extra-big burger. The café’s famous hash brown burger, whose ingredients include a beef patty, grilled tomatoes, fried egg, melted cheese, spicy tomato salsa, mushrooms, and—obviously—hash browns, is considered the magnet that draws visitors to visit the café. For domestic travelers, the burger is considerably bigger than every other burger they ever see before. For foreigners, however, it may not be considered the biggest, though it is still considered bigger than normal.

It is budget-friendly.

When you think about a big burger, you must be thinking about a big cost. Wacko Burger Café is a budget-friendly café where the most expensive dish only costs you IDR 90 (about USD 6.5). And if you plan to order the big burger, it costs only about $5. All foods and beverages that you can order at this café are considered affordable even by local standard. For backpackers and budget travelers, this café and the affordability that it offers make it a perfect eat to fill your stomach with something mouthwatering and satiating.

Its menu is colorful.

One great thing about Wacko Burger Café that makes everyone, regardless of their nationality and eating lifestyle, loves it is its rich selection of foods and beverages. You can always find something that agrees with your appetite if you eat at this café. The big burger is a cosmopolitan dish that almost everyone loves to eat. Besides, you can also order Mexican, Mediterranean, and local Balinese cuisines. Vegans and health-conscious customers can even find their favorites among the café’s selection of detox meals and smoothies.


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