7 Best Beach Near Denpasar City

Denpasar is number one gateway to Bali. Every visitor must have experienced to live in this city or at least pass by. Denpasar is the main door for Bali’s guests. The news about Bali and its culture successfully revealed through this door. Denpasar is the connector of the whole Bali’s beauties with the world attention. Bali’s beauties that are touched by Hindu culture enchant travel lovers in world. It is also strengthened by the great hospitable manner of the local inhabitants. They are so warm and ready to welcome every traveler nicely.

Bali And The Sea Enchantment

Bali is famous with its beaches that are lovely with the sunrise or sunset. Beach attracts all attention because beach is loved by children and elders. It is fine for kids to play with the sand and the water. For elders, they can enjoy their times together with the couple accompanied by the sound of the wave that make the ambience even more romantic and for sport lovers, they can do it perfectly. No one can resist the sea enchantment. There are many beaches that can be accessed from Denpasar easily. Although the location is nearby a capital city, but the beach is still a beach with its exotics. Here are the beaches nearby Denpasar that you can explore:

1. Legian Beach

This beach is perfect to spend your time. In the afternoon, you can do activities like sunbathing, take a walk with your loved one, doing water sports or enjoy the scenery.  In the night, this beach is a great place for party. This beach is famous because of its extravagant night party. The distance from Denpasar is just 9,2 kilometers and it can be reached within 30 minutes by car (in a fine traffic). Or if you want to go there by motorcycle, you just need about 22 minutes to reach Legian Beach.

2. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach which is located in South Kuta, is the right place if you are searching for a calm beach. It is 15 kilometers away from Denpasar city and you can go there just around 34 minutes by car. There are many restaurants that sell seafood for a cheap price. Romantic dinner is suggested here because along with the sunset, the surrounding starts to dim, the sound of the sea wave makes it so lovely. Some former travelers also say that if you want to find peace, Jimbaran beach is what you’re looking for. The forests around also makes it secluded. 

3. Seminyak Beach

Its less than 10 kilometers from Denpasar (exactly is 9 kilometers). Seminyak Beach offers a great beach with the amounts of tourist is according to the season. It is usually crowded in the high season. This beach is filled with a lot of loungers that you can lay down, sunbath yourself while enjoying the sea. Closer to the sea, there are umbrellas with set of table and chair. When the night has come, the mini bars there start to play music. This beach is also great for night party. The difference between this beach with the city club is that, there is no beach in the city club. It makes this place so special: beach and party. 

4. Tanjung Benoa Beach

The interesting thing of this beach is the activities of water sports with reasonable price. The foreground of this beach is yes, the water activities like snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat, swimming, Jet Ski and others. Feel the great breeze. However, in this place, there is no activity in the night. This place is purely for afternoon activities. The distance from Denpasar city is 22 kilometers and you will reach in 40 minutes. One more special thing from this beach is that you can go to the turtle island from this beach and see the big turtles there.

5. Kuta Beach

Everyone who has come to Bali knows this beach. Among the whole beaches in Bali, Kuta is the most popular. It is 9,6 kilometers away from Denpasar and you need 34 minutes to go there. Surfers would love to be here because they will experience a nice surfing. The white sand of this beach adds beauty that photographs enthusiast love to take pictures there. Cars are maybe little bit difficult to park but don’t worry, there is a mall there, so you can park your car in the mall parking area.

6. Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is another famous beach in Bali that will attract you with the colorful kayaks float on the beachfront. Some people say that this is a quiet place but there are a lot of shopping places. It is a very unique combination that gives you more comfort, enjoy the quiet beach but shop for souvenirs. This beach is completed with the gorgeous sunrise. To witness that beauty, it is perfect to go there in the morning. After that, you can enjoy the original Balinese cuisines that are served around this beach. Yes, this beach is also famous with the cuisine makes it called foodies paradise.

7. Nusa Dua beach

Only 21 kilometers away or 37 minutes on the road from Denpasar, Nusa Dua offers a beautiful beach that is accessible from the famous international chain hotels. Because of this great location, Nusa Dua beach has s very great services in everything like shopping centers, great place for manicure, golf course and others, all can be reached by walking from the beach. Although this place is famous with luxurious resorts, you still can find the Balinese cultures. There are temples nearby and museum. 

Those are the nearby beach reached from Denpasar. Bali has unending roster of enchanted beaches. You can choose the right beach for you to visit according to what you want and what you need because every beach has its own specialty and its charm. The tropical climate helps so much that makes the whole beaches are friendly to be visited. But the similar thing of all is that the soft breeze that blows every time.


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