Things to do in Denpasar

Bali is a small island in the middle part of Indonesia archipelago. Although it small, Bali has beautiful view from the beaches to mountains. Bali also wellknown for their culture and art. For many decades, Bali has become top tourism destination for domestic and foreign tourist. The capital city of Bali is Denpasar. Here is 5 Denpasar attractions that offer you unforgetable holiday in Bali. 

The Art 

Bali and art are looks like the two side of a coin. They can’t separated. Bali has unique art that you can find in their painting, statue, toys, clothes, and many more. Here are some art tourism object you can find in Denpasar:

  • Taman Werdhi Budaya or The Denpasar Arts Centre, where you can enjoy watching traditional ceremony in special months. 
  • Kertalangu Culture Village, a place where you can enjoy the variation from green paddies (rice plants), to spas. It offer many kind of activities, such as traditional Balinese dancing lessons, painting, woodcarving, and horse riding. 
  • Badung Market, is a traditional market where you can find traditional foods, drinks, art products, clothes, and many more. Be sure to know the price in other marketplace, because shoping in traditional market make you must do bargaining to get the best price. 

The Museum And Temple

  • Le Mayeur Museum offer you the artwork of Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres. He was a foreign artist that maried local woman. This place was their house, but after his death, it donated to people. 
  • I Am Bali 3D Art Museum, offer you more than 100 3D painting that will make you has a lot of instagramable pictures. 
  • Fingerprint painting museum offer you the painting from I Gusti Ngurah Gede Pemecutan. He has special painting methode with the using of finger. 
  • Sakenan Temple, the special temple that located in Sarangan island. You must use woodboat to visit this place. 

The Beach

  • Cemara Beach offer you nice wave, red coral, and white sands. The location is not far from the city, so it become one of the must visit destination in Denpasar. 
  • Mangrove Conservation, where you can feel the fresh air in the green of mangrove. 

The Animals

  • Turtle conservation, offer you knowledge about this special animal that born in land and grow in the sea. 
  • Shark Island, where you can swim with the sharks.  

The Food

Denpasar attractions also offer you many kind of foods. You can choose the traditional Balinese ones, Indonesian, western, Asia’s, Indian, and many more. Some restaurant also serve online service, where you can get food from your homestay or hotels. 

Denpasar also has many giftshop, where you can buy traditional snacks, artworks, clothes, jewelery, Balinese coffee, and many more. You can find the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Balinese love colourfull clothes, you can choose your favorite ones. 

Those are some Denpasar attractions that you can enjoy. Of course, there are still many more there. You can explore yourself to make your holiday in Bali unforgetable. 


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