Water Activities in Denpasar

Denpasar as the core of Bali Island must have bunch of activities. Beach-ing is one of the best things here. The beaches in Denpasar are a lot, they are: Sindhu, Matahari Terbit, Serangan, Karang, Biaung, Sanur, Cemara, Mertasari, Padang Galak, and Segara Ayu. When people already do the beach hanging out activities, they want more. What can Denpasar promise to you? That will be answered by the list of the water activities that give you more than you expect.

  • Lumintang Water Fountain

This one actually is not a ‘real’ water activity. But it involved water performance as the essence of thw whole thing. Lumintang water fountain is located in Lumintang, Denpasar. It is in the Lumintang city park. Lumintang water fountain attraction is held every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm for free. Children like to go there and watch the water dance illuminated by the colorful lights.

  • Swimming And Playing In Beaches And Water Parks

Swimming is good in Denpasar’s beaches. The waves are calm. Although Bali already has so many beaches, the artificial water source as the water entertainment is still built to fulfill what the visitors need. Water park or water boom has more fun things than regular swimming pool especially for kids. There are water slice, stream pool, and etc. Denpasar has some good waterbooms,they are:  Bali Wake Park and Aqualand, Citraland waterpark, Tukad Bindu.

  • Scuba Diving

Diving involves some skills: swimming and diving itself. If swimming usually is not completed with the tools diving has the whole tools for safety. Swimming is more in surface while by doing diving, you could go deeper and see underwater beauty. In Denpasar, there are diving centers you could visit. They are: Crystal Divers, Bali Scuba, Neptune Scuba, Bali Diving and Dune Atlantis. The places mentioned are just the top in the city. In fact, there are a lot more even the developed ones.

  • Kite Surfing

It’s a little bit different from the regular surfing. There is a kite on the board that can push the board harder. Ij regular surfing, the power lies on the wave. But in the kite surfing, the power lies on the waves and the kite that is blown by the wind. Generally, waves in Denpasar’s beaches are calm, so it is hard to do regular surfing. Kite surfing is the right for sea with calm waves.

  • Canoeing And Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking are possible to do here. One canoe is usually for 2 passengers. The power source is not a machine. It is operated manually with oars. Because it cannot accommodate a lot of people, it is right for couples or small group of people.

  • Banana Boat

If you’re with a large group of people, try banana boat. It is great for 5 people (or more, depends on the body size). Feel the fun to go around the coast and scream together. The size of the boat is also various. You can ask for the bigger one if you want to invite more people.

Denpasar has great water activities. It is maybe because of the calm waves of the beaches. Besides, the water parks and the diving centers also available. Pick one that you like.


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