How Far is Amed Beach from Ubud, Bali?

The Amed Beach is perhaps rarely heard by some tourists. It is not surprising because this beach is not yet exposed to the public, just like other beaches in Bali.

However, many tourists are curious about Amed Beach because it is said that this beach is a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. So, they are as curious about how far is Amed Beach from Ubud as how many Gili Islands are there and can you travel between the Gili Islands.

You have to know that Amed Beach is the paradise of the underwater world in Bali. Some tourists who had visited this beach even said that this beach is a must destination to visit when you travel to Bali. If your location is in Ubud, Amed Beach is around 71.3 Km away. So, it takes around 2 hours to reach the beach from Ubud.

That is the answer to the question of how far is Amed Beach from Ubud. When you visit Amed Beach, you will be welcomed by its black sand. This beach is different from other beaches in Bali which commonly have white sand. But the black sand becomes the characteristic of this beach. For you who love snorkeling or diving, you will love this beach. As it has been said before, Amed Beach is a great place for those 2 water activities.

Here, you will be able to witness the stunning view of underwater with various pretty coral reefs. In addition, exotic fish around the corals will make you amazed. If you forget to bring your snorkeling or diving equipment with you, you can rent it for IDR 50.000 or around $5. The crystal clear water in Amed Beach will allow you to clearly see the underwater ecosystem there.

Amed Beach is also known as a salt producer. Besides snorkeling and diving, you will also be able to see how the salt farmers process and change seawater into traditional salt. Tourists and visitors can also learn how to be a salt farmer on this beach.

After getting tired of diving or snorkeling, you can enjoy delicious meals in traditional restaurants located near the beach. Those traditional restaurants serve tasty Balinese traditional meals that you can enjoy. Western cuisines are also available. Not only restaurants, but various accommodations are also available near Amed Beach. From cottages, resorts, and hotels. Are you still curious about how far is Amed Beach from Ubud?


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