The Route from Seminyak-Ubud

While having vacation in Bali, the place to stay is also a tricky thing. You have to choose the place that is near to the tourism destination that you plan to visit. But, you don’t want to be in a super crowd place that can take you down. Two hottest places to stay in Bali are Ubud and Seminyak. Here are some knowledge about those places.

What Is Good In Seminyak And Ubud?

Seminyak is the place in Bali that is well-known with its great cafes for hanging out, various shops for clothes hunting, unique restaurants, game place and other entertainment. Seminyak also has nice beaches to visit. So, here, you can have leisure activities with the perfection of the sea view. While Ubud has top destination like Arma Museum, Saraswati temple, Monkey forest, rafting in Ayung river, Kecak dance performance. Those two places have their own qualities. Seminyak has modern leisure and Ubud has exotic traditional beauty.

Stay In Seminyak Or Ubud?

Actually, it is not a big problem whether you stay in Seminyak or Ubud because the two great places are not too far each other. If you stay in Seminyak and demand for Balinese culture hunting, just go to Ubud. Otherwise, if you stay in Ubud and want to treat yourself with modern leisure, just go to Seminyak.

Seminyak-Ubud By Motorcycle

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This small vehicle might be the fastest one. The slim body makes it easy to go right or left to avoid the other vehicles on the street. Also, it can go with the whole roads. If the fastest route is passing through the narrow street, it can do that. In fine traffic, two wheelers can reach each other city for 1 hour and 10 minutes with 31 kilometers distance. But if you decide to go there by motorbike, you have to provide extra protection like rain coat, standard helmet, and comfortable shoes.

Seminyak-Ubud By Car

You can also rent a car. In a car, you will feel more comfortable. You don’t have to bring raincoat (but you still have to bring umbrella just in case), you will get comfortable seat with air conditioner comfort your trip. But, by car, you can’t reach the city as fast as motorbike. By car, you can reach the destination for 1 hour and 19 minutes. The distance is 32 kilometers away. It is different from the motorcycle distance; it might because by car, you have to avoid the narrow road.

Seminyak-Ubud By Bus

Public bus is the cheapest way to go. Because the vehicle is larger than motorcycle and car, of course it is slower. Bus usually provides 20 seats. So if you are with big group of people, bus is the perfect vehicle. But there is no direct bus. So, you to transfer. The distance become 43,6 kilometers away because you have to pass Kuta. The time for this journey is about 2 hours 42 minutes (includes the time for transfer to another buss).

Those three are the possible way to reach Seminyak-Ubud or Ubud-Seminyak. There is not best way. One way might be perfect for some people, but probably not for the other. All depends on your need and your condition. But one that you must have is that the good time in Bali.

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