5 Things To Do In Karangasem Bali

Most tourist know Bali as beach island. But, actually, Bali is much more than that. Karangasem is a district in east side of Bali island. With the area of 839,5 square kilometres, it has beaches, castles, gardens, hills, and a lot of tourism must visit objects. It’s nice to arrange the schedule so that you can get many memorable history.

Karangasem wellknown as the historic place, such as Karangasem castle. Ancient Bali has some kingdom, one of them is Karangasem. So that the castle and other part of it still there. As Indonesian kingdom, the castle always build together with the beautiful garden, waterpool, and special for Bali, they has temples. This district also has Padang Bay Port and Tanah Ampo Port.

Visiting Karangasem allow you to have a lot of experience with variation objects. So, here are five things to do in Karangasem, only for you:

Got Instagramable Pictures

Intagramable pictures not only because of the high quality cameras. It can get with visiting nice places that has beautiful view. Karangasem offer a lot of instagramable objects, such as: water garden, temples, palace, hills, beach, and many more. Here are some of them:

  • Tirta Gangga: this place offer a lot of combination of garden, building, and water. The combination are unique and eye catching. It also nice to documented in pictures. If you only has standard cameras, use the natural nice light by visiting this place in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Sukasada Garden, or Taman Ujung Water Palace. This place offer the ancient palace that ever used by the Karangasem Kingdom. It also has a lot of waterpool and beautiful gardens. The palace build with the combination of western and hinduism architecture, so it has nice view. You also can get view with the Agung mountain as the background, because the mountain located in the west side.
  • Lempuyang Luhur Temple. This place is so iconic as hindu’s praying place. So that visiting this place means, tourists should keep their manners. This place offer nice view with the Lempuyang mountain behind.
  • Lotus Lagoon, where you can take nice pictures around the pool with a lot of lotus in it.
  • Kasna Flower Field, where you can enjoy the white flowers with the background of green trees. The situation is so nice and fresh.
  • Gumintir Flower Field, where you can takes picture in the Calendula flower plants field. The orange colour of the flower, combine with it’s green leaves will make your picture so nice. You can find this place on your trip to Kintamani from Bedugul.

Swinging On The Beach

Bali wellknown with it’s beaches. Karangasem also has some, such as:

  • Jasri Kauhan Beach. This beach has many instagramable spots, coconut trees, and a chocolate factory. You can enjoy the fresh air and natural winds that combine with beautiful view and sound of choconut trees. The most popular spots is the swing that located between the coconut trees. Usually, visitor took picture from behind, while the object face the sea when they use the swing.
  • Bias Tugel Beach. This beach located near the Padang Bay Port. It offer white sands, blue ocean, and some pool that naturally built by the position of the rocks. The location is hidden, so that visitors should do trekking to reach this beautiful beach. But once you arrived, you’ll enjoy the view, the fresh air, and you can do many things, such as play and swim. The water is so clear and blue. It will invite you to jump in and enjoy your time.


Snorkeling lovers can do their hobby in Karangasem. You can visit Tulamben beach, in Tulamben, Karangasem. Tulamben beach offer the underwater garden. It has tropical fishes species that famous with the beautiful colours. To get lower price, bring your own diving equipment. But if you don’t have it, the people there serve diving equipment rentals. In this underwater garden, you can see the body of USS Liberty that drowned in 1963.

Snorkeling and scuba diving lovers also can visit Amed Beach. This place offer underwater garden with beautiful view. You can take nice pictures, because the water is so clear, so that it has high visibility. There are a lot of fish species and coral reef. In the beach, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. You can also climb to the hill above to get different view and pictures.

Make Chocolate

Are you chocolate lovers? You can enjoy chocolate in Jasri Kauhan beach, Karangasem. Children can learn how to make chocolate in many kind of shapes, with the instructor that always ready to help. Of course it alse serve nice chocolate drinks choice. Enjoy the drinks while you look at the blue sea and feel the soft wind. MAP

Visit The Waterfall

The closer of the list of things to do in Karangasem, you can visit the waterfall. Some people comes to Bali for the beaches, but not all people love beach. Waterfall is one of the water tourism objects that also offer nice view and freshness. It has fresh water, fresh air, green view, and you’ll enjoy the natural nano water spray.

  • Yeh Labuh Waterfall, located in Selumbung, Manggis. This waterfall location is hidden, so that visitor should trek for some minutes from main road. Visitor must be very carefull, too, because usually the road to waterfall is slippery as it located in wet area with high humidity. In this place, you can see the tall waterfall with the high water debit. It has small pool below, where you can play with water. You can take good pictures under the waterfall or in front of it. MAP
  • Batu Angsel waterfall, located in Gegelang village, Manggis, Karangasem. In this place, you won’t find big and tall waterfall, because the debit is small. But it has special view, because the waterfall located between two big rocks and there is a smaller rock that hang between the big ones. This smaller rock seems like blocking out the waterfall, and give it different sight.

There are more things to do in Karangasem you can arrange yourself. These article only try to give you a guide so that you can enjoy your time in Karangasem, Bali.


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