Where should I go for 5 days in Bali?

Here is a travel destination suggestion for where should I go for 5 days in Bali? If you have a short visit to Bali and do not have any itinerary. As world tourist destination, Bali has numerous options of tourism spot that will amaze you. Thousands of foreign tourists visit Bali for its nature, culture and beaches beauty.

Bali offers complete choices of travel destination. You can enjoy mountain area, pretty beaches and also learning the local rich culture and tradition. People have a variety of reasons on their visit to Bali. Some of them choose Bali for recreational time. There are also people who do honeymoon here in Bali.

If you plan to visit Bali for honeymoon, you may wonder where do couples go in Bali? This article will cover some tourist spot for your 5 day travel itinerary in Bali that is appropriate for you and partner. Here we go with the details:

  • Bali Swing in Tegallang rice terrace and Ubud Monkey Forest. 

When you come to Bali, your first destination should be Ubud Monkey Forest. You and your partner can experience the nature of Bali. You can see many monkeys in its natural habitat.

Please be careful and watch your belongings during your visit at Ubud Monkey Forest. Some monkeys are trying to steal your belongings especially food. After that you can go directly to Tegallang rice terrace. The view is magnificent. There is a giant swing that you can try. This destination is very perfect for your instagram post. 

Giant Bali Swing. It is getting popular around the world. 

For the next Where should I go for 5 days in Bali? Answer is The Gates of Heaven. It is famous among foreign tourists. Many people take a photo for instagram in this spot. You need to go through a few villages to reach this location. The Gates of Heaven is in Lempuyang Luhur Temple. Sometimes, you need to wait for other people to get your best photograph there. 

  • Bali Dance performance for Cultural Experience during your visit

Bali is rich of culture. Balinese dances are wonderful. You can enjoy dance performance in Sahadewa Barong Dance. Some amazing Balinese dance performances are Kecak Dance, Barong Dance and Fire Dance. During the performance, you will get a flyer about the dance. 

You can also add some popular beach destinations like Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur in your plan. There is no more worry to set up your Where should I go for 5 days in Bali? Question into perfect travel plans in Bali. 


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