When The Best Time To Enjoy Bali

Bali is a great place to spend your holiday. This heaven offers so many fun things to do. Enjoying the island with great nature view must be one of the things you’ve been dreaming of. However, you don’t want to go there in a wrong time, right? So, continue your reading because it will be revealed here about the good time to go on vacation in Bali.

The Holiday Season (High Season)

The high season happens in July and August. It is influenced by the Indonesian school holiday that happens on July. When the world biggest holiday comes (New Year), Bali will be in a wet season. Although Bali is in the wet season, Bali still will be crowded in December and January.

Another big event in Indonesia that influences Bali crowdies is the Muslim’s holiday, Idul Fitri. There will be a long holiday and so many people will come to Bali to celebrate. This kind of holiday is established by the Muslim calendar that could be different from the regular calendar. Check the timeline to know the date of the Idul Fitri. To sum up, the Bali high season will be on July, August, December, January, plus Idul Fitri.

The Low Season

Based on the high season above, we can cross and eliminate the month when there are a lot of people come. After that, we can reveal the times that are low on the amount of visitors. If you’re not so comfortable with the rain, February and March are not so good to go there because the wet season will still go on. April and May will be great for you. To avoid the crowdies of Indonesian school holiday that is started on July, you can go there on June. Still to avoid the crowdies of school holiday that will be ended on August, you can choose September. And before the wet season comes again in November, you can choose October when it’s right before the beginning of the wet season. So, the great times to visit are April, May, June, September and October.

The Benefit Of Go On Vacation In Low Season

Choosing low season to go on vacation in Bali has some benefits, they are: the place is quiet so you can enjoy, you can choose the seat in a famous restaurant without waiting too long, the traffic is not so crowded so you can go here and there in time, easy to park your car wherever the spot you choose, no need to wait in a long line to enter to the tourism object, the hotel room price is cheaper (you can save up to 50%) and the greatest thing is that the airplane or the flight ticket is cheaper. You can save the money for your next vacation.

Go on vacation in Bali in a low season can help you to enjoy the time and the closeness of your family or your couple. And, it can make you feel like you own the island for yourself. What a pleasure. 

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