Recommended Car Rentals in Bali You Can Pick and Drop at Airport

To move from one place to another in Bali, it indeed needs a kind of transportation device. Yes, you can use public transportation available around. Another option is by walking if you want to be healthier. But for the last option, it is still impossible if the distance to pass through is quite far. If you want it to be easier and more practical, renting a car is a good choice. Moreover, there are now many car rentals available in Denpasar and other towns. Particularly if you also want to get airport transportation services, here are some recommended rentals to choose.

Bali Matic Car Rental & Room

Personally i use this rental car, first know at instagram @bmc.bali this rental one of my favorite, you can rent by hours also you can pick and drop at airport, they provide from city car until mpv for family, you can drive by your self or you can hire drive to around Bali

OTO Bali

OTO Bali is a car rental in which the main office is located in Gang Cempaka, Kuta, Bali. The rental is opened in 24 hours. It provides various types of the car based on your necessities. It depends on your wants for sure whether you want to hire a driver or drive the car by yourself. Aside from it helps you to visit attractions in the island, OTO Bali also makes available of the airport transportation.

Chandra Tour & Travel

Despite providing services for Bali tours, Chandra Tour & Travel also rents its cars only for certain necessities and occasions. One of them is the transportation to go to and from the airport. The cost is friendly anyway as well as the service is satisfying. Of course, you can also hire a driver to accompany you. If you want to drive the car by yourself, it is available also.

Wira Car Rental

Wira Car Rental is located in Klungkung sub-district in Bali. The location is not too far from other tourist destinations on this island. For certain necessities like picking you up from the airport, you can even make an order first. The similar thing is also when you need transportation to the airport before leaving Bali. Wira Car Rental makes sure that the services are satisfying and the prices are friendly. So, if you are in the area of Klungkung, this rental is really recommended.

Santi Bali Car Rental

The location in Denpasar makes this car rental can be more easily visited and accessed. It provides cars in various types for various necessities also. You can use the car for going around. Besides, airport transportation only is also available. Santi Bali Car Rental provides some professional drivers with good prices. Interestingly, it is ready to help you in 24 hours.

You can check our list of car rental in Bali here


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