The Best Beach dan Temple in Candidasa

When it comes to the best attractions in Candidasa, you will be overwhelmed with how many attractions you could get by visiting this district. Candidasa is home for mysterious temples, ancient villages, and a range of beautiful landscapes located at the back of the coast. This district could be a great place to stop by while you are exploring the north-eastern part of the island. Candidasa is also a good spot when you are looking for dive sites around Bali.

Lempuyang Temple

If you love to visit temples in Bali, you cannot miss out Lempuyang Temple as one of the best attractions in Candidasa. It is located in Candidasa and also one of the oldest yet most remote temples in Bali. However, the process will be paid once you have reached the temple because you will witness a breathtaking temple with a mountain backdrop.

The journey to get to the temple is like the resemblance of a mountain trek. The ascents are steep and it consists of two parts which the main temple is located at 1,175m above the sea level. You need to get through a steep staircase in order to reach the peak and it includes a journey to passing a forest with a bunch of gray long-tailed macaques. [MAP]

Pasir Putih Beach

If you read the article of things to bring to Bali, you will also read that you need to bring your swimsuit and snorkeling gear as well. You will use those things in the Pasir Putih Beach. Some people also call it “secret beach” considering the place is pretty discreet. The beach is accompanied by white sands all over the coastline. And if you are looking for a place to escape then this place is one of the best one.

Nowadays, you may see some restaurants and cafes along the beach run by the locals. If you are up for fishing, sailing, or snorkeling, you can book your tour and gear in the kiosks around the beach. And if you are up for doing nothing then you can simply get a sunbathing at the beach. [MAP]

Other popular places in Candidasa

Amed Beach is one of the most popular diving sites in this district. If you like to explore marine life then you should pay a visit to Amed Beach. Diving and snorkeling gears are available at kiosks around the beach but it will be better if you bring your own. [MAP]


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